Magic Moments in Writing!

“In writing. Don’t use adjectives which merely tell us how you want us to feel about the thing you are describing. I mean, instead of telling us a thing was “terrible,” describe it so that we’ll be terrified. Don’t say it was “delightful”; make us say “delightful” when we’ve read the description. You see, all those words (horrifying, wonderful, […]

Creativity and The Morning Papers

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I have followed The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron) on and off for years now. It is definitely a valuable tool for an artist, whatever your art form, and within its cover, you will find many ways to unleash your creativity. It’s full of writing tips, advice and […]

Susi Jones’ Swag Guide

Have you met Miss Jones? My favourite part of being a writer is creating characters, they just drop into my head and I get an image of them doing something funny and we’re off. I tap away at the keyboard or write with a pen. Pages later I resurface, in a daze and read back the […]

I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours.

Something occurred to me recently, I’m hearing the phrase  ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’ more and more. As a writer this concerns me slightly. Are our precious words being left behind as we start to think in images? I have purposely left images out of this blog post. Can you cope?  Thought so, but read on […]

Light bulb! A Hugh Grant Moment. (no, not that one).

I love Despicable Me, love the little minions and Gru, he’s funny!! I love funny things, things that make me smile, including big packs of Revels, Russell Brand, serendipity and I especially love it when I get an idea! Just like Gru I have that ‘Light Bulb!’ moment and immediately scribble down notes or the bones of ‘something’ What […]

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky toffee pudding is something we all eat in the UK right? So when I decided ‘off the cuff’ to make this masterpiece of puddings and did a quick mobile search for an ingredient list, all I found was American recipes. Now, I learnt early on in a teen cooking disaster involving carrot cake and a two day […]