Staying on the Creativity Train.

 I have to say I think we are all a little bit creative! Now, don’t fret, this doesn’t mean you have to start a blog, design your own furniture or take up an art class, unless you want to.

Nor does it mean you can have a Diva strop in Tesco because they’re out of your favourite soya milk, and blame being a creative because I told you so. They frown upon this.

I think as we grow into adults will lose a little our capacity for fun and expression. Creating something is a great way to have fun and relax. We can get so caught up in business, home life and keeping up with media that we rarely have time to do something for no reason at all.

Maybe you disagree, maybe you are reading this saying, she’s wrong, I am not the slightest bit creative. Maybe I am wrong, but I’m sure i’d find something creative about you.

Being a creative sort, I tend to be drawn to other creatives and really enjoy that time. I find I can relax the most and they just get me without thinking I am too deep or kooky, or as others ‘might’ say, ‘a bloody nightmare’. It’s nice to just chill with these friends and understand each others art form.

Over the next few weeks, i’d like to introduce you to some of these friends. I love them all to bits and am so proud to call them my friends. They’re a varied bunch, (writers, singers, photographers, designers, dancers and actors etc) and they live all over the world. I hope you’ll like meeting them, they can’t wait to meet you!

I also want to share with you a few steps I take to stay in my creative zone. It’s hard for me as I get so easily distracted by fun, shoes, videos of funny cats or cute coffee barristas. Time is always such an issue with being creative. Any time spent thinking for a creative is time well spent.

Sometimes you get lucky and an idea will drop into your mind out of nowhere. But mostly you have to put effort into it. You have to think about it, and to think you need to ‘get in the zone’.

For years now I have followed The Artist’s Way, (nothing like the West Highland Way). It was given to me by my friend, a singer, and inside she’s written, “The Future is so bright Karlie, you have to wear shades!’

Sadly I haven’t always been able to just fully BE a creative, work, homelife and keeping up with the Media gets in the way. But my ambition to create a way of life around my art is always at the top of my list. It’s so easy to complain about lack of time, but when something is so important to you, you have to adjust, adapt and fit it into your life.

I used to get up early to write, then I wrote into the early hours of the morning, then I tried to squash things on backs of bus tickets and scrap paper. It has, so far, not worked out too well!

So I am putting more commitment into this. The next few weeks are going to be a very important time to me, for reasons that will become clearer to you as time goes on. Keeping schtum for now, but please come back and meet my friends.

Also, check out my creative tips, you never know, you may find some inspiration in them to unleash your own creativity!!! I hope so!! xx

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