Keto, Kale Chips and Kardashians

My latest favourite things, in that order! I jest. I'm not that fussed about Kale chips, although they are deliciously nutritious, stupidly easy to make, and shouldn't be overlooked as part of a healthy diet. Ahhh Diet... I detest that word, namely because it evokes connotations of lack, want, fear, anxiety, judgement and the constant [...]

Travel to Make the World a Smaller Place

Ahhh, where do I start? We are back from an amazing trip around the Mediterranean, aboard cruise liner Viking Jupiter on her maiden voyage. As it's our first cruise, we have no comparable, but we are sure Viking will be hard to beat. The attention to detail, decor, staff, services, on board facilities were just [...]

Teaching the First Classes

Yikes! I did it! I taught my first real Yoga teacher classes in Edinburgh, and I LOVED it! It's harder work than you imagine, as you are watching out for everyone in the class, making sure they are getting the most from yoga.  You're also talking ALOT, giving instruction and motivating them. Then you're remembering [...]

Introducing South Edinburgh Yoga for 2019

Ahhh 2018, 17 and 16 passed in a blur when I think about it. I gave you a quick recap in this post so you know what I was up to, but now I'd like to tell you what I am doing going forward. It's this amazing yoga studio in studio in Edinburgh! Yay! That's [...]

Think Before you #

I have to admit, I thought it was a fad that would die out. I (stupidly) thought, it’s okay, it’s A-okay, it’s ‘Okay Corral’ okay. This won't catch on. I, even, in a fringe-skewed-to-the side moment, researched it thinking I’d missed something. What had I missed? Why had I missed it? Surely I stay up [...]

A Thrifty Girl’s Guide to New York

Travel is one of the greatest gifts in life, being able to see something for yourself is priceless. One of my favourite cities in the world is New York, so I've been super happy to visit there 3 times, woohoo! I think most people are put off because of the expense of it but I've [...]

My Dog Who Chews

When my dog chews a bone, she chews it with so much gusto, I wonder, why? What is it about this solid form that entertains her so much, and stops her chewing my trousers, my shoes, my sofa, fluff from under the sofa, my boots, my coat, the cat, her bed, my bed, me? She [...]

Turning the tables with Turmeric

Ahhh dear, sweet coffee, you have been my constant companion for decades. For years we have strolled streets, sat in cafes, you've been the eavesdropper to many conversations and confessions, the giver of life, and a gift of love. But, we all knew it could not last and over the years, I have tried my [...]

Raw Cacao – a hug in a mug

My friend Ozzie, who lives in LA, teaching yoga, recently advised me to get on board with Raw Cacao. Of course i'd heard of it because I haven't been living under a stone lately, but I'd never tried it. I tried to source it locally to me in Edinburgh, (North) but failed and took to [...]

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