Hello, again, hello..

  In an attempt to keep writing, I am going to attempt to inject some life back into this here blog. I’ve had dalliances elsewhere, I’m not going to lie, but, like a crazed lover, I keep coming back this little lady. Who I am now? I Am Karlie. Where it all began, all thoseContinue reading “Hello, again, hello..”

Bootleg Film Festival and Virgin Media Shorts

Wowee what a week! Aside from all the important everyday, (2 children, 3 clients, 1 job, 1 HND course, and a social life); two important things have happened. First up was my friend John McPhail, getting his short film, ‘Just say Hi’, short listed in the Virgin Media Short film competition. 850 films streamlined downContinue reading “Bootleg Film Festival and Virgin Media Shorts”

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Memories

I cannot believe the Edinburgh Festival is nearly over. My head is full of so many memories that I’m sitting smiling just thinking of them, be prepared for a really indulgent blog. The Edinburgh International Festival, for those of you not in the know, is one of the biggest arts festivals in the world -andContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Festival Memories”

Cocktail Making at Steak Edinburgh

Just finished up a great weekend in Edinburgh. It was one of rare and fabled sunny weekends, where you can sit outside cafe bars. Edinburgh is gorgeous in the sunshine, such a beautiful city. As the sun shines it makes me dream of summer, and summer makes me dream of cocktails. I think I knowContinue reading “Cocktail Making at Steak Edinburgh”

Sightseers – Q and A at the Cameo, Edinburgh

I don’t want to spoilt this film so all I’m going to say is that it’s a bloody good British film, go and see it, (and go and see it at the Cameo). As a typical girl, there’s a few parts were┬áI hid behind my hands, which you need for the story to work, soContinue reading “Sightseers – Q and A at the Cameo, Edinburgh”

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Tuesday night in Edinburgh and a light mist descended on us all. It was truly shaping up to be a dismal night, staying in and watching TV the only thing you’d want to be doing. But I had plans. ROX were opening their latest jewellery store in Edinburgh and I was invited along. If youContinue reading “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”

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