Hairy Times, New Bloggers and Wise Words, Girls and Boys.

                    We all know that I change my hair. ALOT. But this week really took me to new places. I started off with blonde, went red and went reddish browny blonde. I was so looked after by my lovely friends at Broughton Place Hair and BeautyContinue reading “Hairy Times, New Bloggers and Wise Words, Girls and Boys.”

You opened a can of WHAT? #Hotdoglegs, a cautionary tale.

I love a bit of craze as much as the next gal, and personally I enjoy trying to figure out if those brown baked up sausage type things are hotdogs OR legs, I mean some are just so obvious right? However, the hotdogleg rug was ripped out from my feet recently when someone said toContinue reading “You opened a can of WHAT? #Hotdoglegs, a cautionary tale.”

#Selfie Love

You may have heard people talking about selfies and wondered what on earth they were talking about, wonder no more! A selfie is a self portrait photograph taken by the subject in the photograph. Extremely popular back in the early days of the Internet and social sharing sites, they suffered a dip when food andContinue reading “#Selfie Love”

Spamming and the Internet

It never cease to amaze me that most of the adult population do not realise that people lie. While people lie about lots of things, there’s no bigger place for lies than on the Internet. As a parent I teach my children about online safety, outside safety and general safety. Seems most of my FacebookContinue reading “Spamming and the Internet”

Socially Acceptable Coffee

I was chatting away to a friend this morning, we were lazily browsing and he showed me Flattr. I then tweeted out what do people think of Flattr. a twitter friend came back, it’s better than the ‘buy me a coffee on Paypal’. Both of these were new to me, I haven’t worked in socialContinue reading “Socially Acceptable Coffee”

A bluer shade of blue

Something just occurred to me. Looking at my apps, I noticed that most of my social media apps are blue. It made me wonder if the secret of success in social media lies in colour. Is it such a ridiculous thought? Isn’t it interesting that Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Foursquare are .blue? Even ourContinue reading “A bluer shade of blue”

You’ve Got Mail!

Ping! Hi Karlie, here’s your twitter recommendations for the week….. Ping! Hey hun, drinks tonight? Ping! Hi Karlie, Pinterest weekly, your weekly Pinterest recommendations… Ping! Hi Karlie, your friends have updated their status, you might be interested… Ping! Karlie, it’s mum, i’m in sainsbury’s and oven cleaner is BOGOF i’m getting you one, it’s Mum. Did youContinue reading “You’ve Got Mail!”

Facebook Pages Manager – Woohoo!!!

Finally! The ability to manage pages from your iPhone is here! Mobile technology moving forward the way it is, this is a step in the right direction for the ‘busy busy’ among us! Facebook have launched the Facebook Pages Manager, available for download on iTunes. I’ve had a little play around with it this morning and it’sContinue reading “Facebook Pages Manager – Woohoo!!!”

I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours.

Something occurred to me recently, I’m hearing the phrase  ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’ more and more. As a writer this concerns me slightly. Are our precious words being left behind as we start to think in images? I have purposely left images out of this blog post. Can you cope?  Thought so, but read onContinue reading “I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours.”

Giving Up Facebook For Lent…

Lent happens every year, and I’ve never participated in it before unless you count peeling a pancake off the ceiling with a spatula or feeling sick from easter egg overload and if you did, i’d worry about you to be honest. Well anyway, the idea is that you give up something that would be aContinue reading “Giving Up Facebook For Lent…”

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