You opened a can of WHAT? #Hotdoglegs, a cautionary tale.

I love a bit of craze as much as the next gal, and personally I enjoy trying to figure out if those brown baked up sausage type things are hotdogs OR legs, I mean some are just so obvious right? However, the hotdogleg rug was ripped out from my feet recently when someone said to me that they are just girls being FLIRTY! Wait, what?

Aren’t they just another new internet craze? In fact they’re not even that new and you know this by the fact they are on mainstream media  (Three Media used HotDogLegs as part of their spoof apology campaign)

But on further investigation, that silly holiday fun, and even ‘not on holiday’ fun, that ‘once you see it you can’t unsee it’ kind of thing that most know and love it for has a dark side!

I mean this is definitely legs! Right?



Talking to different friends, views are varied but most say it’s harmless fun. However, some (mostly men) think it’s outright flirtation, it’s girls taking the chance to be flirty and post pictures of their legs under the guise of the hot dog leg meme. They don’t see it as innocent. Shock, horror! Is nothing on the internet sacred? Is everything sexualised?

Luckily most others just feel hungry, open a can of Princes finest and pop them in some baps. (Don’t get lost at baps, stay with me, stay with me, oh crikey, man down, MAN DOWN…!)

All in all, the consensus is it’s just a bit of senseless, ‘what next craze will we be writing about’ type fun, and people should be given the freedom to join in as they wish, not feel like they are shamelessly flirting and/or boosting hot dogs sales.

I took my Hot Dogs to the pool, where they enjoyed some sunshine!


The strangest twist in this tale, is that hot dog sales HAVE gone through the roof since the craze became, well, a craze. Princes have reported selling hot dogs faster than people can take pictures of their legs. Local hot dog seller, Phillip M’Bap said he regularly has a queue as long as a piece of string.

Legs too are enjoying a bit of a revival and are being seen all over the world. People are ‘getting them out’ all over the place, it is typically paired with the odd freakish day of sunshine and a pear cider.

To be part of this phenomenon, upload your pins or dogs with hashtag #hotdoglegs to any social media site and ignore the haters.

Where it all began – Hot dog legs Tumblr

It’s ‘official’ Facebook page – Hot dog legs official  

A random article thrown in for good measure – Hot Dog Legs on Buzzfeed 






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3 thoughts on “You opened a can of WHAT? #Hotdoglegs, a cautionary tale.

  1. Hi Karlie. Seemed to have lost you on Tinder. Now this might have been deliberate on your part but I’d like to get back on touch with you. You have my attention and I’d love to get to know you more. Maybe you could email me back. Mike. (From not so far away Northumberland)

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