And Just Like That, She Was Back…


I know right, I’ve started with that sentence so many times, but dear blog readers, (you lucky (?!) two who stayed with me) I think I am back, I am definitely still dreaming!

It’s tentative, but the creative juices are flowing at Casa De Karlie. I’ve been writing a bit, I’ve been thinking a lot, it’s all good.

I heard the other day that turning 40 was meant to be this whole trip of life beginning, ‘Life begins at 40’ and I thought, “Oh wow, one day i’ll be there” and then I realised I already am. My life is so fast paced that I even forget my age and the fun and life beginning stuff I should be wrapped up in. I guess I never stopped being ‘life beginning’ in the first place so I didn’t notice the time stamp on the way in.

So where am I at? I am in pre production for my first real short film, a beautiful little Noir project I am so damn proud of. Really proud of the team I am blessed to work with, lucky girl, lucky, lucky girl! And people want to be involved, I love that, fucking love it. (Yeah, i’ve gotten a  little sweary) When you work on something in private and then start showing it to people and they get excited, you get goosebumps, you know, real tingles up your spine, like fingers trailing their way from the bottom to the top. Amazing.


College is good, the Tutor is awesome, even learning at the things he is throwing away. Damn. Being a Film student in Edinburgh is starting to come into its own.

Kids are good, these amazing little adults, full of contradictions and personality, I see myself in there, which is a real damn hoot. Parenting is hard work, single parenting is harder work, but, without a doubt amazing. I am not a fan of the disrespect single mums get, that eye roll that you have kids so you have something missing or wrong with you. I have no time for people who don’t get that, I work harder than most of my coupled up friends, with children and without. (You wanna step outside?)

Listening to so much music lately and even dancing a little, you need to do these things, it’s important to play, so important to nurture your inner child. My girl in LA Ozzie Aziz is inspiring me with our late night chats, we always had a ball and keeping the connection with someone who brings out that side in you is important. Never let those people go. Friends come and go, new, old, but the ones who get it and more importantly, the ones who get you, keep them around, in all the chaos and mayhem they’re like little lighthouses keeping you close to shore.

Creativity is a fast moving train, you have to get on at any station you can, I’m loving life, I’m holding onto my hat, let’s do this. And yes, I still love fake tan and have become a new fan of Instagram and channelling my inner Kardashian, who says you can’t be sexy and do business? F you…. x


ps 185 posts? Whaaaaat?



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