Karlie v Vintage?

I directed this stop motion video for my friends salon earlier in the year and have always been fascinated by the way vintage looks on other people. The little video contains my lovely friend Juliet, with hair done by Anne Wilson at Broughton Place Hair and Beauty. Two of my good friends pull it offContinue reading “Karlie v Vintage?”

And Just Like That, She Was Back…

I know right, I’ve started with that sentence so many times, but dear blog readers, (you lucky (?!) two who stayed with me) I think I am back, I am definitely still dreaming! It’s tentative, but the creative juices are flowing at Casa De Karlie. I’ve been writing a bit, I’ve been thinking a lot,Continue reading “And Just Like That, She Was Back…”

Jonathan Sothcott – Leading the Film Making Revolution

It’s not often in life I meet someone I would like to be, but Jonathan Sothcott is currently just that. He’s become my hero of late, so I was chuffed beyond chuffed to grab an interview with him. Film making is an old business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach an old dog newContinue reading “Jonathan Sothcott – Leading the Film Making Revolution”

Playing the Long Game -The Great Gatsby

I don’t think I have ever been so excited about the release of a film as I am about The Great Gatsby. I’m am sitting on my hands and googling the awesome trailer with my nose at every possible chance. Australian Director Baz Luhrmann returns to our screens with the epic in May, and talkContinue reading “Playing the Long Game -The Great Gatsby”

Trance – Danny Boyle

I think we can sometimes go to the cinema knowing what to expect. We turn up, buy our popcorn (sweet), Cola (diet) and head to our seats. We emerge an hour and then some later, satisfied, relaxed, perhaps feeling good, optimistic, perhaps still chuckling at some of the lines. Then comes Danny Boyle’s Trance andContinue reading “Trance – Danny Boyle”

Sightseers – Q and A at the Cameo, Edinburgh

I don’t want to spoilt this film so all I’m going to say is that it’s a bloody good British film, go and see it, (and go and see it at the Cameo). As a typical girl, there’s a few parts were┬áI hid behind my hands, which you need for the story to work, soContinue reading “Sightseers – Q and A at the Cameo, Edinburgh”

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