Trance – Danny Boyle


I think we can sometimes go to the cinema knowing what to expect. We turn up, buy our popcorn (sweet), Cola (diet) and head to our seats. We emerge an hour and then some later, satisfied, relaxed, perhaps feeling good, optimistic, perhaps still chuckling at some of the lines.

Then comes Danny Boyle’s Trance and shakes us up so much we come out of the cinema dazed, confused and constantly running over the plot in our head. (Not to mention thoroughly entertained)

If you’re a fan of twists, surprises, intricate plot lines, gripping characters then this is your movie. There’s just enough blood and gore to not pass as gratuitous, (weak stomach viewer) and violence that you know is essential to plot.

When I first saw the trailer to this I immediately thought it looked a bit like an Inception rip off, (things hidden in minds ring any bells) but watching it I thought it was clever, well shot and sexy. It’s also a bloody good effort to stand next to the likes of Inception. There’s an aspect of McAvoy’s character that’ll leave you wondering why until the very end, when you’ll want to stand up and shout ‘that wasn’t meant to happen!’ at the screen. It’s a film you’ll be talking about late into the evening as you run back through your memory wondering if the plot made sense, (Oh my it does!)

So, while its not my favourite film this year, it made me sit up in my seat, it made me pay attention and it was different. It’s a bloody good film.

Go see!

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