Writing Creatively

the expertI’ve been writing so much recently I think I had forgotten how to do so creatively.
I can get an idea no problem, but it’s my descriptive text that’s evading me.

Writing in the first person is hard to carry off for a whole book. I am boring myself with the tone of this writing.
I think I’m going back to try morning papers and a weekly date as encouraged in the artists way. I’ve also picked up a few books to read too. Haven’t read anything new in ages so am excited about that.

I feel burnt out with it. Churning out 2 k words a day is taking its toll, so hopefully this is just a blip.

Let me know if you have any tips you want to share, happy to hear them!!



  1. Hey. Only advice I would give is writing is just like any other job, some days it comes easy, other days its a slog – all jobs are like that. So keep the faith don’t beat yourself up and don’t stop believing in yourself. For the record I think you write well… always very engaging! Keep it up Karlie

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