If I Were Chocolate….

After a few recent changes I found myself walking along by the sea, near  to where I live, with the wind in my face. I love to live by the sea, at least I think it’s the sea, it’s definitely water. ANYWAY, while I was there, walking and listening to music, I began to countContinue reading “If I Were Chocolate….”

Writing Creatively

I’ve been writing so much recently I think I had forgotten how to do so creatively. I can get an idea no problem, but it’s my descriptive text that’s evading me. Writing in the first person is hard to carry off for a whole book. I am boring myself with the tone of this writing.Continue reading “Writing Creatively”

Creativity and The Artist’s Date

Following on from my posts about the methods used in Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, I’d like to discuss the second important tool in the kit – The Artist’s Date! When I first read it, my initial thoughts where ‘What?’ ‘Date myself?’Are you mad?!’ But then I got to thinking about it. How oftenContinue reading “Creativity and The Artist’s Date”

Creativity and The Morning Papers

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I have followed The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron) on and off for years now. It is definitely a valuable tool for an artist, whatever your art form, and within its cover, you will find many ways to unleash your creativity. It’s full of writing tips, advice andContinue reading “Creativity and The Morning Papers”

Staying on the Creativity Train.

 I have to say I think we are all a little bit creative! Now, don’t fret, this doesn’t mean you have to start a blog, design your own furniture or take up an art class, unless you want to. Nor does it mean you can have a Diva strop in Tesco because they’re out ofContinue reading “Staying on the Creativity Train.”

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