If I Were Chocolate….

After a few recent changes I found myself walking along by the sea, near  to where I live, with the wind in my face. I love to live by the sea, at least I think it’s the sea, it’s definitely water. ANYWAY, while I was there, walking and listening to music, I began to count my blessings A La The Secret.



I  was thinking about the wonderful friends I have and being thankful for our friendship. I am lucky to have so many close friends, and love them all so passionately! I’m quite a strong person and don’t always turn to people if there’s something going on, instead I deal with it myself. It comes from a long time spent having to keep my shit together, being a parent, and living away from family I guess, but there are a few I can turn up to wild eyed and panicked and I know they’ll sort me out with a shoulder, hugs and laughs.

I have some great friends and I (think) I am a great friend in turn. To me, Friendship is caring about someone, looking out for them, surprising them every so often, being there to listen, offer advice and hugs, sometimes ice-cream and lots of she’s/’he’s an asshole’ and, importantly, sharing laughs and experiences together. So, it came as a bit of a surprise on this walk, with the wind in my face, to realise that, aside from all these great friends, I too, am a best friend to myself.

charlie chaplin


Now, I don’t mean that I walk around laughing at myself, I’m not that kind of crazy, but I think I do a lot of the other things that categorise a friend. And really, I think when you are that stage; when you care about yourself, you can laugh at yourself, go through experiences and come out stronger, keep your shit together (Often!), forgive yourself, never give up and love yourself then, it really is, all good.

Without being narcissistic, I quite like the person I am. I’m glad I’m the girl I wake up with every day, I’m happy that it’s me I can turn to. I’m happy to know I can rely on myself to get me in, and out, of the places I go. Heck, i even like my own company.

I watched the film Silver Linings Playbook on Sunday morning and I love that quote, “The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday, that’s guaranteed. I can’t begin to explain that” – The film is about two messed up people who learn to accept their imperfections. Totes feel good and great acting by everyone.

silver linigs

Without a doubt there’s always going to be something crap around the corner, life is always going to bring ups and downs, and you’re going to face them head on and deal with them. I’m glad I have me onside for the journey,

Getting to the stage in life where you are purposely your own best friend is a turning point. In ‘The Artist’s Way’, Julia Cameron tells you to take yourself on a date every week to help unlock your creativity, while I don’t quite feel the need to date myself, (though I do wonder if i’d get lucky, woohoo!), it’s a good pointer to begin looking out for number one, if you don’t already.

Do you take time to do the things you like, when you like and for no other reason that you like them? You should! It’s good and healthy to play and let your hair down, so find some things you enjoy doing and do them. Take some time out and spend it with maybe the best friend you’ll ever have, yourself!


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