Belhaven Brewery Tour

When part of your day job involves going to a brewery and checking out how they make some of Edinburgh’s best beer, you know you’re on to a good thing. So, as part of work I found myself driving with some work colleagues to Belhaven Brewery near Dunbar.

photo 1

photo 1
Look at how intently we were listening
photo 1
Selfie with the Tour Guide photobombing us!
photo 5
This was just lovely, there’s detail on the glass, but camera skills were not so fab
photo 5
Beer being washed away, please don’t cry.
photo 4
Inside the brewery
photo 3
Brewery Stairs, hadn’t even had a drink when I took this, so don’t ask why I did.

Belhaven is Edinburgh’s oldest Brewery with the site dating back to the 1200’s, they believe, although unconfirmed, that the site was used by monks, back in the day when everyone drunk beer as the water was so bad! (Happy days!)

The tour ran for about an hour and really is for beer buffs as you learn so much about beer, at the end of the tour, we got to go into the bar and do a taste test. I know, it’s tough right.

As a designated driver I chose a Belhaven Black, so smooth, smoother than Guinness but don’t tell Guinness I said that! The brewery tour reminded me of touring the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, (was a great visit and the pint at the end was awesome), there’s a lot to be said for visiting the place where your favourite drinks are made, massive thanks to Belhaven Brewery for allowing us to come along! and….Hic


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