If I Were Chocolate….

After a few recent changes I found myself walking along by the sea, near  to where I live, with the wind in my face. I love to live by the sea, at least I think it’s the sea, it’s definitely water. ANYWAY, while I was there, walking and listening to music, I began to count […]

And Just Like That, She Was Back…

I know right, I’ve started with that sentence so many times, but dear blog readers, (you lucky (?!) two who stayed with me) I think I am back, I am definitely still dreaming! It’s tentative, but the creative juices are flowing at Casa De Karlie. I’ve been writing a bit, I’ve been thinking a lot, […]

Sightseers – Q and A at the Cameo, Edinburgh

I don’t want to spoilt this film so all I’m going to say is that it’s a bloody good British film, go and see it, (and go and see it at the Cameo). As a typical girl, there’s a few parts were I hid behind my hands, which you need for the story to work, so […]

Everything Has Already Been Done.

When planning a journey, I am not the sort of girl to consult a map.  Edinburgh I know like the back of my hand, but when going any further i’d most likely Google the route, check which roads I need to be on, maybe check for landmarks then set out. Half the fun for me […]

Weekly* Edfringe Diary

It’s….wait… Sunday right? Sunday night, okay yep, it is. Nope, what am I saying, no, I started this blog then but I didn’t finish it until today which is Tuesday afternoon, yes that’s right Tuesday! Wowee, what a week last week was!!! My lack of blogging is because, as you may know, I’m working on […]

My Creative Friends – Sean Kerwin, Music Producer

Welcome to another post on my creative friends, today I am introducing you to Sean Kerwin, Music Man! I first met Sean at GoNorth, a creative festival held in Inverness. I was attending a radio editing course run by Dabster Productions, and Sean was instructing us how to edit the interviews and voxpops we have […]

Why Is Success Such A Scary Thought?

I’m sitting here writing this novel. The bones of it took me 7 days. Honestly, it felt a bit like that song by Craig David, except it was “I wrote this book on Monday, wrote it with a drink on tuesday, I was in love with it by wednesday, and on thursday, friday and saturday…. […]

My Creative Friends – Ozzie Aziz, Singer/Actor

As mentioned in a previous post, I have lots of ccreative and talented friends. I feel truly blessed to know these guys and they always inspire me. It occurred to me that you might like to hear their stories and so, here you go! I sent them all 4 questions about their careers, the answers are fab. […]

Creativity and The Morning Papers

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I have followed The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron) on and off for years now. It is definitely a valuable tool for an artist, whatever your art form, and within its cover, you will find many ways to unleash your creativity. It’s full of writing tips, advice and […]