It’s….wait… Sunday right? Sunday night, okay yep, it is. Nope, what am I saying, no, I started this blog then but I didn’t finish it until today which is Tuesday afternoon, yes that’s right Tuesday!

Wowee, what a week last week was!!!

My lack of blogging is because, as you may know, I’m working on the E4 Podcalf at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Podcalf is a live recorded podcast featuring the highlights of the Edinburgh festival.

Despite living in Edinburgh for the last foreverever, I can honestly say I have never experienced the festival like this. It’s amazing, hard work and just SO different to anything creative I have done before.

In life you have moments where you stop and breathe and just live in that moment. You don’t think of the next minute, you are truly there. This week has brought many of those.

One was meeting Sean Hughes, Michael Winslow, Susan Calman and The Blanks from Scrubs. The strangest moment so far, was when a EdFest helper came to get me as one of the acts was looking for the venue. I went over and tapped the shoulder of a guy in a grey suit who turned around and was…..Joe Mangel from Neighbours, aka Mark Little!

It started a few months ago when was given the opportunity by the awesome Richard Melvin and Scott Shaw, Dabster Productions, to work as assistant producer on the E4 Podcalf. I have known the guys at Dabster for a long time and to say it’s an honour to be part of their team is not a joke.

It didn’t come easy either, (another interviewee brought CUPCAKES… you all know the limits of me in the kitchen, the stakes were high) But joking aside I had to prove why I’d be a good person for their team. As the weeks go by it’s easy to see why.

Putting together a show like the Podcalf is no easy task, and your team needs to be adaptable, reliable and hard working. The hours of researching and going to see shows, pay off when you are standing backstage watching the acts go on and hear the words you wrote get read out by The Talent. Amazing feeling. Can’t buy it.

When I crashed into bed on the day of our first show, I just lay there,  thinking, unable to switch off. Too excited. (More excited than when the fella is next to me.) I sent my friend a text, please don’t expect any sense out of me for the next four weeks. I didn’t realise how much I would mean this. Did this blog make sense?

Download the Podcalf to find more sense!!

and ps don’t mention the hair! I can’t answer why is so pants!!

3 responses to “Weekly* Edfringe Diary”

  1. johndburns Avatar

    There is nothing else in the world like the fringe. It just keeps getting bigger!!! Where will it all end?

  2. Graeme Richardson Avatar

    And it makes perfect sense too. Full of optimism, passion, excitement and gratitude for a great opportunity. Have a magic festival.

  3. Graeme Avatar

    Makes perfect sense too. Full of optimism, excitement, passion and gratitude for a great opportunity. Have a magic festival.

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