Sightseers – Q and A at the Cameo, Edinburgh

I don’t want to spoilt this film so all I’m going to say is that it’s a bloody good British film, go and see it, (and go and see it at the Cameo). As a typical girl, there’s a few parts were¬†I hid behind my hands, which you need for the story to work, soContinue reading “Sightseers – Q and A at the Cameo, Edinburgh”

Weekly* Edfringe Diary

It’s….wait… Sunday right? Sunday night, okay yep, it is. Nope, what am I saying, no, I started this blog then but I didn’t finish it until today which is Tuesday afternoon, yes that’s right Tuesday! Wowee, what a week last week was!!! My lack of blogging is because, as you may know, I’m working onContinue reading “Weekly* Edfringe Diary”

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