My Creative Friends – Sean Kerwin, Music Producer

Welcome to another post on my creative friends, today I am introducing you to Sean Kerwin, Music Man!

I first met Sean at GoNorth, a creative festival held in Inverness. I was attending a radio editing course run by Dabster Productions, and Sean was instructing us how to edit the interviews and voxpops we have recorded. I am now lucky enough to be working with Sean on the Edinburgh Festival podcasts including E4’s Udderbelly Podcalf as well as Podcasts with Amnesty International and The Pleasance. I am one lucky girl! Sean is THE audio tech guy.

Why did you start making music?

I started writing music with a computer, mainly because I was too lazy to learn the piano properly. The way I saw it, I wanted strings, piano, bass, drums and guitars like the music I was listening to and I couldn’t possibly play this with two hands anyway. At the same time I started drumming with bands and when we got to the studio it made sense to have all the keyboard parts already laid down in the house so we could make the most of our time in there. It was then my subsequent frustration of wanting to be creative in the studio but being at the mercy of an engineer that made me want to learn how to do it myself. Producing music for me was about being able to control every aspect of what you hear. That’s what I was drawn to.

What are your highlights so far?

Making the video for Shady Lane was cool, we sat under the motorway for two days filming, then it took about two months to edit together. We stuck it on YouTube it went down really well, lot’s of people heard it which was nice. Getting two tracks on DJ Dave Seaman’s Renaissance compilation was nice too. It gave us a confidence that we were doing the right thing.

What’s your advice for people wanting to do the same?

I think you need to love doing what you do. It’s takes an enormous amount of time and effort to make great music. It’s not an easy process and can be really frustrating at times, but sitting back and listening to a track you made, or playing it through a massive soundsystem and watching people getting off to it is an amazing feeling.

What are your future plans?

We’re currently working on a Modifier album. It’s nearly finished so I’m heading out to New Zealand to mix it with Chris (the other half of Modifier) this September. I hope that when it’s finished, as many people get to hear it as possible.

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Twitter @seankerwin

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