My Creative Friends – Mark McGrotty, Multimedia Designer

Hello, hello!! Apologies for the delay in posts, but as promised, here is another post on my creative friends. This time it’s the turn of Mark McGrotty. I first met Mark about three years ago, we worked in the same office building and from the minute we met we got on like peas and carrots. I love Mark’s creativity, love it, plus I always seem to make him laugh, which I also love! One of my dreams is to work with him regularly on projects, one day, one day!!

Along with the others here’s his answers to the same four q’s and some of his work! Read on…

Why did you become a Multimedia Designer? 

My mind has always wondered how things were made and I always sought to find out how things were created. Design has always made me tick. Multimedia Design falls under a number of categories, mainly Graphic Design, Web Design and Motion Graphics – but can include everything from Film to Installation. I’ve been working ‘in industry’ for 4 1/2 years, but only been a Multimedia Designer for 2.  I enjoy being a designer because it means I get to be creative pretty much every day! Also the sheer variety of jobs I would be working on, sometimes I would be working on a film, website and corporate identity all in the one week – and I like that. Keeps me fresh! I also keep myself inspired with a group of likeminded Edinburgh designers by taking on self-initiated briefs. This involves us all getting together over a beer (or two) and just chatting about ideas we’ve had, problems we would like to tackle and about doing fun creative projects for the sake of it. Our little design collective is called Mülti and we are aiming to get a lot more projects done over the year as the creative freedom can be very cathartic

What are the highlights of your career so far?

Winning my first industry award in my 1st year working
professionally [Scottish Advertising Awards (Best Use of Typography) –

What’s your advice for anyone hoping to go into the industry?

Put together a strong portfolio and get yourself through the
door any way you can – and once you do make yourself indispensable!

What are your future plans?

What’s next? Not sure what to say, I’m just looking for new and exciting creative challenges. Things that will help me grow as a creative professional. I would like to work somewhere abroad at some stage to experience different cultures and how working in a country outside of the UK differs from what I have already experienced.

In the future I see myself running my own agency, that is the ultimate aim. (with a joint garage for my motorbike of course!)

See more of Mark’s creativity here


Links to his motion work here:

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