Everything Has Already Been Done.

When planning a journey, I am not the sort of girl to consult a map.  Edinburgh I know like the back of my hand, but when going any further i’d most likely Google the route, check which roads I need to be on, maybe check for landmarks then set out. Half the fun for me would be if I got lost and figured it out by myself.

Sure it would be easier to just follow what someone else had done and to an extent you have to but I like figuring things out. I don’t need to know the smaller details or the ins and outs. I quite like sticking my tongue out at the norm.  Everything we do has almost always been done by someone else, so putting your own spin on something creates a newness to it.  As a creative you know that there are only 7 stories to write, and according to some sources, there is only one film to make – The ‘fish out of water’ theme.

Having someone in their own environment day after day with the same thing happening, is not interesting to watch, read or do. Agree?

So, spicing up your life a little, it’s good to set out in the unknown. Any new thing that comes your way is a bonus, an addition. Agree?

This morning in particular this lesson was reinforced to me. Noticing the petrol light on in my car for several journeys, I reacted in the usual Karlie style and ‘winged it’. Of course I ran out of petrol, of course it was at a crossroads and of course I looked like the silliest person in the world having to explain it was petrol not some major fault with the car.

And, of course something wonderful happened.

As I began working my way out of it,  phone out calling the AA. A woman stopped and tapped my window, “do you need help?” she asked. “I think it’s petrol” I said feeling like the biggest douche. “shall I go and get you some?” she offered. I was amazed. “yes, please, that would be amazing!” ” no worries” she said and drove off. Hazards on and two minutes later another woman stopped, “let’s get this car off the road shall we?” I smiled. “come on” she said “lets start pushing it, am sure some other people will stop and help”

Of course they did.

I say thanks and wave goodbye.

Car at side of road and my rescuer returns with Petrol. ” I can’t thank you enough” I say and she smiles “it’s no problem”

Currently am looking for names for my book, I either get a name straight away or I’m stuck and begin asking everyone, everywhere, i’m looking at name badges, i’m paying attention. Any writer will tell you a name is important. The character is a strong woman, she’s helpful, she’s kind and I’ve been having trouble with this one. Then like magic, there she is, putting petrol in my car. This has to be her.

I take my opportunity. “What’s your name?” I ask.


I smile. Of course it is.


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