Run, Karlie, RUN!!!!

I must confess to not being a runner. I do however often entertain thoughts I could be a runner.

I like the thought of pounding the streets, really pushing my body to its limits and I set out with good intention. Only to find myself hobbling along ten minutes later. (Okay, okay FIVE..)

It may surprise you to discover that one of my life aims is to complete a marathon. London or New York.

I set myself no small goals eh?

As you may know, I recently completed the Moonwalk in Edinburgh. It proved to me a few things, one of which is how bloody moany I can be, the second is that I do actually have the determination to complete 26 miles.

Although I walked about 20 of those miles in agony, (hence moaning), I have ignited a little something inside of me that says ‘you CAN do a marathon Karlie!!

I have started my walking again. My intention is to build up my stamina in walking to a good level where I can begin to take baby steps to jogging, then progress to long distances. I intend to climb Kilimanjaro next year with a fab team of Edinburgh mountaineers and the charity ‘It’s good to give’ – Good practice!

I am loving being out there with the other runners. I feel like I am in some sort of special club. Although I am still walking of course. As I pass other runners on the road, I feel like shouting ‘I’ll be following in your footsteps soon!’ However, we all know how dodgy that would be, so I stop myself. (‘most’ of the time *sigh*)

The Meadows in Edinburgh has a few running clubs, and sometimes I go so far as to not only google them, but watch them. Maybe one day i’ll be able to join in – baby steps Karls 🙂

The closest I have got to a running club is joining a boot camp club at Inverleith Park. (by joining I mean purchasing the classes in a mad groupon moment) and having a friend who runs Edinburgh City Bootcamps, (Don’t tell him about the groupon moment, he’ll kill me, and he’s ex army, he’ll know how!) i’ve also spoke about running with Edinburgh legend illegal jack’s AC Muir, ex marathon runner and Top Gear’s ‘faster than a car’ champion. (but shhhh.. don’t tell him I told you that, another one who’ll kill me.

So, now, in fear of my life, I might have to lie low for a few weeks! At least it will give me plenty of time to google running clubs 😀 xx

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3 thoughts on “Run, Karlie, RUN!!!!

    1. Ahhh but i’m a Londoner remember the London Marathon is a childhood dream, NYC the same… besides I did the Edinburgh Moonwalk. and no, it’s nothing to do with nights out and shopping. Nothing.

  1. Until 2008, the furthest I’d ever run was the obligatory 1.5m Royal Air Force fitness test. Then, I too, had a dream. It went like this….inspiration, Sep 2008 Glasgow 10k, motivation, Fraserburgh Nov 2008 half marathon, perspiration and pain, 2009 Edinburgh marathon, satisfaction.
    You know what….you can do it, you really can. Yes, you can!!

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