How To Survive A New Romance.

Urgh! genuinely right now – Urgh is all I have to say about this. I don’t want to be dating again. I feel like I’ve been dating FOREVER.  I am not sure if I will become Edinburgh’s most famous single person but here’s to trying. In short, I simply can’t be bothered to go through it all again. All that awkwardness, all that acting cool, all that other stuff.

I’m sorry blog readers, you know I am so positive about romance and you don’t need to send help just yet, but you know I’ve just come out of something (and in all honesty i’m still trying to make sense of what it was, because it was wonderful but challenging at the same time).

I’m not someone who hops into one thing after another, who has to be justified by a partner and  I’m not one of those girls who cannot be alone. I like me. And in a eager nod towards hope, blog readers, (you knew it was coming) I can wait for ‘the one’.

Besides, meeting someone for the first time, all that awkwardness! Did you forget? Oh you did? Print this out and stick it on your fridge.

1) Brief your friends, the very ones who have seen you through your wilderness years, that they are not to be surprised that you choose to hang out with your sweetie and not them every weekend. If they appear hurt and try to discuss this with you, avoid their calls.

2) Equally make sure all friends know you will cancel plans if he’s coming to see you and this is to be allowed. Any friends who state annoyance are to be bitched about and will not be invited to your wedding. Send them an email about the ratio of single women in their thirties.

3) Act so cool you make Daisy Lowe look like Jordan in one of those staged Heat Magazine pap shots. Sure, it’s okay that he doesn’t text/call/chooses to go to football. Choose to hang out with the friends that are willing to be on stand by for you.

4) When meeting his friends, try to be funny and cool. Under no circumstances flirt with the one who is clearly better looking than him. Forget the ratio of single women in their 30′s.

5) Act cool when he is tagged in photos with pretty girls, they comment on his status with lots of kisses, and/or refer to the fact that they may also be dating him. Facebook lies, not him.

Go forth with hope singletons!


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2 thoughts on “How To Survive A New Romance.

  1. I love that girls believe in “the one” and that if it doesn’t go right with “the one”, then obviously he wasn’t “the one”. I hope for all you singletons there’s more than one 🙂 Tx

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