Dating; Options and Priorities

There’s always a pressure on you if you’re single to date, mostly self imposed I guess but none the less pressure. I’ve learnt that it’s totally okay to be on my own and have learned how to handle guys who find out I’m single and seem to go on a mission to change it. It’sContinue reading “Dating; Options and Priorities”

The Perils of Online Dating

I’ve been dead against internet dating all my single years and despite being tech savvy, digitally minded, happy to connect to any random joe for business via the wonderful Twitter, I’ve always disliked internet dating. But I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. Why? I’m sure you all know someone whoContinue reading “The Perils of Online Dating”

How To Survive A New Romance.

Urgh! genuinely right now – Urgh is all I have to say about this. I don’t want to be dating again. I feel like I’ve been dating FOREVER.  I am not sure if I will become Edinburgh’s most famous single person but here’s to trying. In short, I simply can’t be bothered to go throughContinue reading “How To Survive A New Romance.”

The Hey Jude Theory

Well not THE Hey Jude theory, MY Hey Jude theory. I have been toying around with this for years now, and in a moment of I don’t know what, have decided to put it here, on my blog. We all know the song Hey Jude,  and if you don’t – be ashamed. I love it.Continue reading “The Hey Jude Theory”

A Guide To Four Hob Dating

This post was originally written for The Fluffy Chicken, but alas the Chicken is slow to hatch so here you go you lucky, gorgeous blog readers! Four hob dating is a relatively new style of dating for the UK single girl. Despite it’s name suggesting otherwise this has nothing to do with kitchens, kitchen appliances,Continue reading “A Guide To Four Hob Dating”

Cn txtin ruin a rltnshp b4 it strts?

No more standing in the hallway on the sole family phone while everyone listens in, no, you can communicate with everyone with a few swift moves of your fingers, but in dating, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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