“Excuse me, see that guy over there…”

….he’s really shy but he thinks you’re lovely, would you come over and talk to him?”

Isn’t that cute? You’re in a bar and someone thinks you’re so lovely they have sent their friend over to say Hey. What? you think it’s lame?  Believe me it’s not! How many of us stand in bars and never speak to the one person who has caught our eye? Lots and lots and lots, I bet even you have done it. A wasted opportunity? You never know what might have been. You tell your friends “well there was this one guy who looked really cute but he never came over and spoke to me…”  Ahhhh will we ever realise that people are just as shy as us? Did that guy go home and tell his friends ” yeah there was this one hot chick she looked at me a few times but never came over….” Who knows? Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.

When this happened to me at the weekend it made me think about the origins of  our dating. While I’m all for the guy who is confident enough to come over and chat you up outright, there’s something endearing about the guy who sends a friend over. Didn’t we all start off with our friends doing the digging for us? Back in school, whispered conversations and passed notes, “she likes you, do you like her?” , ” yes, she’s funny”, ok will you come to the park tonight after school?” , “yes”…….”he likes you, he’s coming to the park later”, “!!!!!!!  K 4 B :)”

Your friends can be your greatest allies in singledom, they can suss out whether some one likes you and make introductions, they don’t get all shy and act goofy because they can’t look him/her in the eye, they can hook up on facebook and get someone’s number and found out ultimately if someone is worth pursuing. If a friend of mine mentions that he/she likes someone i’m straight in there acting like Cilla Black, (We’re gonna have a lorra lorra laughs”) It doesn’t bother me, I will talk to anyone, (a character flaw or asset – my friends are undecided), but at the end of the day we NEED to get these introductions done, because you just never know!

BUT, but, but, but for ME, the BEST part about your friends being involved is that, if it’s a non starter, they can tell you “you were too good for him/her anyway”

Could we possibly ask for anything better? ? LOVE your friends!

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I am editor of theswagguide.com blogging on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, events and travel

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