Karlie – Needy Girl

It’s no lie that humans have basic needs, don’t they say we need: something to eat, somewhere to sleep and someone to love. So when a friend recently called me needy and I took a defensive stance on the accusation. How could he say that? I’m so not needy. I’m, I’m, I’m… okay, damn you,Continue reading “Karlie – Needy Girl”

Catch Up With Mark Greenaway (Celebrity Chef)

I have known Mark for some years now and always joke with him about being a Celebrity Chef, a title he quickly shrugs off with his famous chuckle. Without a doubt Mark is a Celebrity Chef and whether he likes it or not, his star is rising. Mark always fascinates me as he always hasContinue reading “Catch Up With Mark Greenaway (Celebrity Chef)”

Being Sad.

I am driving in the car, the radio is playing, something is said and I laugh along to the presenter. I drive along, stop at lights, indicate left and when the lights change I move forward to turn and it hits me. Not a car, truck or anything like that but it feels like it.Continue reading “Being Sad.”

Sex and The City 2

I went to see this expecting it to be dire and was happily disappointed, I thought it was fab! Prior to going, I’d only heard one positive thing about it and that was from someone who said she wasn’t a fan of the series. It seems most fans I spoke to were not keen. ButContinue reading “Sex and The City 2”

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