Sex and The City 2

I went to see this expecting it to be dire and was happily disappointed, I thought it was fab! Prior to going, I’d only heard one positive thing about it and that was from someone who said she wasn’t a fan of the series. It seems most fans I spoke to were not keen. But I do wonder what they expected?

The opening scenes at the wedding were brilliant and who ever managed to pull Liza Minnelli out of the bag for this deserves a medal! I feel I have truly lived after watching her singing and dancing to  ‘All the Single Ladies’ in thigh boots!  ‘….all the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies, if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it, don’t be mad coz you see that he want it……” whoops! sorry got a bit carried away there, in my defence it’s a very catchy tune and an anthem for Single Ladies everywhere, one guaranteed to get you up dancing and singing at a wedding* just as in the film.

As I watched these scenes I knew I was going to LOVE the film. I knew already I would watch it again on a rainy afternoon, and that is really what SATC, the series, is about. The fashion’s are stunning, the gags do not dissappoint, the scenes (and the girls) are beautifully filmed and the story line is perfect for fans. It’s a tough job to make a series into a film and win acclaim, I always see them as an extension of the series and think if you’d watch the film again then they’ve been successful.  As long as the characters stay true to their TV characters and don’t go crazy with the Hollywood sparkle behind them, it’s a winner.

So when the ultimate single ladies get married, at the end of the day, surely all we want to know is what happens next?

The original ingredients for Sex and The City were single ladies and dating. Now we find our characters older and settled down, it’s not the same but I can’t help but think if they were all STILL single and dating, just how depressing it would be. It’s comforting to know, we’ve all grown up.

When SATC was first broadcast back in the 90’s it was heralded as a breath of fresh air, a chance for women to be like men about Sex and the taboos surrounding it, it was going to be steamy and groundbreaking and it really was. But it has proved to be about more than Sex. It’s about the friendship between the four girls, how their lives change and how they advise and support each other. I consider myself  lucky enough to have friends like these in real life. Friends who’ve supported me through my own personal story lines and who I love madly and support through theirs.  Friends who may despair of me at times but who definitely love me and we lunch and go shopping and day dream about the days when we’ll have purses big enough for SATC Fashions! (swoon)

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha gave us hope through our 20’s when dating was tough, my friends and I could all identify with the girls and their trials and tribulations, we too drank cocktails, spent our wages on coveted designer shoes, danced at cool bars, never let go of our own ‘Big’s’, felt guilty over our own ‘Aidan’s’, tried to pretend our ‘Trey’s’ were perfect when we knew otherwise, and through it all, through our blossoming careers and our searches for the perfect guys, we had each other to rely on, just like the SATC girls.

So the Sex and The City girls became our modern day heroines  We can all identify with parts of Miss’s Bradshaw, Hobbs, York and Jones and now we’re in our 30’s, we’ve moved on, just like the girls have.  Between us we are wives and mothers just like them and these bring their own challenges. Maybe not as challenging as ‘do you call the guy first or wait for him to call you?’  (answers on a postcard please, this is still unanswered!), but still challenging in their own way. Our chat isn’t about the same things anymore, we simply don’t always have the time to discuss the way he said it. Between us we know how interesting being a wife can be and how challenging being a mother can be, which is where we find our girls in SATC2 and probably why I loved it.

So now we know what happens next in the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samanatha, we’re satisfied. But does it have to stop there? Can we know more? I’d definitely like to know more. But not about them. I’d like to know what happened next to Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe, Friends Movie anyone?

* Do not worry, I promise not do this at the upcoming weddings 🙂

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