I really can’t believe I have waited so long to share here that this happened! I mean getting married again is a BIG DEAL.


This blog started with me as a single gal, navigating life; motherhood, work, education and, of course, love. You’ve been there through the ups and downs, and the downs and ups, and look what happened! It happened. Right, so where do I start with filling you in?

The beginning is a good place.


Do you believe in The Secret? Because here’s the thing, I made a vision board a few years ago, of everything that my ideal guy would be. I’d also read somewhere that you should write out 100 qualities you are looking for in a partner. Try it, it’s very enlightening. By the time you get to 50 words, you find a pattern, the same traits under different names.


But back to my vision board, I made it, and forgot about it, as you’re meant to do. And then it happened. It came true. Now I’ve always believed that you attract what you desire, whether good or bad. My Dad always used to say be careful what you wish for. But this exceeded my hopes and dreams. He is my dream guy, we get on so well, and I am proud to call him my best friend.


His name is Ross, he lives in Edinburgh, and he’s a writer too. We met online, as most people do these days. In one of those situations that you read about, I signed up to an agency, first guy I spoke to, first guy I went on a date with… boom.

Then we got married in Edinburgh in May, and I have to apologise because I left one of the biggest things to happen to me off of this blog! But I promise to put more details up in the next few weeks! xx



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