Getting Engaged

When someone asks you to marry them, or you ask someone to marry you, it should be special right?

Our proposal was pretty special and also low key, just like us! I’d like to walk you through how our wedding came about and I thought starting at the engagement would be perfect.

Like most couples we talked about getting married before we did any of the finer details, buy the ring, etc. I think it’s a good thing to sound someone out… “Do you think one day you’d like to get married? To me? ”

It’s good to check.

We’d spoken a few times, and Ross had asked if I wanted him to book something special, and I immediately said no. I like casual. Not just in clothing. I also didn’t want to be dictating exactly how it should be done. I like spontaneity. too (Also in clothing – mainly mad purchases on the internet).

So the week of ‘The Proposal’ we’d both agreed to take the Friday off work, so we could have a ‘nice day’ together. Usually a lazy morning, lunch and good chats. Little did I know this was ‘The Day’.


As Friday rolled around, Ross jumped out of bed and insisted I stay so he could bring me breakfast in bed. Dare I admit it was mildly inconvenient? I am one of those awake awake people, get up and go. But he was so insistent, I stayed.

Then in he came with a tray full of breakfast, coffee and flowers.. while he fussed putting the tray down, he begin to talk… then before I knew it he was down on one knee. Asking me to marry him! Beautiful!

I said yes and he produced a ring. A plastic ring bought from Primark, but none the less perfect. We’d had a look at ones from Laings The Jewellers in Edinburgh and decided on one, but, he’d had a small nightmare trying to buy it online. Nothing to do with the shop, and everything to do with his bank’s security.

We then announced it to the world and went off to TigerLily in Edinburgh for lunch. Casey came to meet us and we had a little glass of fizz and a cocktail to celebrate!

Then we had to head to a prearranged charity event a friend of Ross’s was having. So all in all it turned into the perfect casual affair we both wanted.



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