Keto, Kale Chips and Kardashians

My latest favourite things, in that order!

I jest.

I’m not that fussed about Kale chips, although they are deliciously nutritious, stupidly easy to make, and shouldn’t be overlooked as part of a healthy diet. Ahhh Diet… I detest that word, namely because it evokes connotations of lack, want, fear, anxiety, judgement and the constant hopping on and off scales. I also hate scales, if we’re talking about the things I’m not a fan of. I never weigh myself. I judge my body on my clothes and how I feel, something I have Yoga to thank for.

So it’s with some surprise I find myself 3 weeks into the popular ‘Keto Diet’ -(using the word diet here as in way I am eating, not all the negative connotations I listed above.)


I am finding the Keto diet a conflict. I am enjoying the cooking, time in the kitchen, the focus on macros for health, the constant discoveries I am making about nutrition and food, the wonderful news about our Gut Health and how it effects our everything, and how the knock-on effect of living with Autoimmune Disease relates to diet. WHO KNEW NUTRITION ACCOUNTED FOR SO MUCH! I had an inkling when I started out, but I am astounded what I have discovered.

Namely, there are so many good foods out there, and moving is key to health. You cannot out train a bad diet they say, and you also cannot out diet a bad train, at least I’m sure that’s what they mean. Simply put, you need to eat well, and you need to move. Move like your life depends on it, because here’s the thing, it does.

Especially if you have an Autoimmune disorder which makes it so hard for you to do both. You’re tired, you’re in a bad mood and you don’t know why, your nails are brittle, your hair is falling out, you forget everything, life feels bleak and you get used to that feeling.

Getting used to feeling bad is probably one of the worse things life can throw at you. It’s honestly one aspect of Autoimmune disease that is universal. People the world over don’t understand this feeling, or why they feel it, and how they can get out of it. Is it possible to lose the crushing feeling?


Well, it seems, the Keto Diet might be an answer. It might be. And I say that because we are all different. I don’t know your health and before you do anything with your health, get a health check.

A Keto Diet is high in fat, and it works on the basis that you feed your body GOOD fats alongside minimal carbs and moderate protein to achieve ketosis. A state where your body burns fat as fuel, rather than sugar or carbohydrates.

Now, there’s a few things nutritionists are not keen on with Keto, and I happen to share the view. Whatever we think about ‘No carbs before Marbs’ we do need some in our bodies. Especially if you are active.

Keto also claims to regulate our blood sugar levels by decreasing the amount of sugar we intake, not only with processed foods, but with fruit, veg and carbs. This is the point that caught my interest with Keto. We tend to eat ALOT of packaged and processed foods for convenience. Since doing the keto way of eating, I have noticed I walk past so many aisles in the supermarket, 2/3rds even, looking instead for fresh fruit and veg, and fresh meats, fish and dairy.

Do you notice something here? Isn’t this what we’ve been told to eat all along? Fresh food!


So it is here I like the keto way of eating. We are so scared of eating fat, so scared that we have feelings of guilt and regret as soon as we do. Yet we need these healthy fats too. They are essential for a healthy body, mind and gut.

Getting to a good point with Keto; eating less breads, pastas, packets, foil trays, plastic trays, wrappers and, in short, crap. Replacing them with home-cooked food, healthy fats, fish and meat, ALL the green veg, soups, stews, broths, salads and dairy, is key so we can feel better. A lot better.

And, loving ourselves more, we can sashay with the confidence of a Kardashian. Who, whether you like or dislike them, work very hard at keeping themselves in shape, body and mind! And probably eat the odd Kale chip.

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