funny_basic_human_needs_for_computer_enthusiasts_postcard-r5c1c52487ad54f5eb5a3d512e9a204a9_vgbaq_8byvr_512It’s no lie that humans have basic needs, don’t they say we need: something to eat, somewhere to sleep and someone to love.

So when a friend recently called me needy and I took a defensive stance on the accusation. How could he say that? I’m so not needy. I’m, I’m, I’m… okay, damn you, maybe I am.

Then I realised, so what?

So what if i’m needy, so what if I want things when I want them. I’m okay with that. As long as I surround myself with the faces and places that can supply to my demands, I’m cool with it.

Being needy is no bad thing. Being TOO needy, now that’s where it all starts to unravel. I mean, i’m not needy in a Yahoo/Bing homepage type way. No I don’t want to change my search engine. FY. Twice.

Today’s world makes us all a little too needy. We answer our phones within seconds of the bell tolling, where does it leave time for us to get shit done? Even in the middle of shit (note the absence of an ‘a’ there *cheeky wink* ) we’re answering questions whereas a few years ago we wouldn’t have been able to. It’s nice to put the phone away and not give in to the swings and roundabout situation of people expecting us to be available 247, then feeling the pressure because we are.

There’s no doubt I’ve been tied to my phone. There’s a scene in Frances Ha, where Frances says to Sophie, ” I love you Sophie, even if you love your phone more than me” one of my good friends repeated it to me, “It’s You and Me Babe!” I have to laugh. It’s true. I’ve been that douche bag friend. But the phone is becoming less important as I move into a new stage where i’m just doing my thing, not someone else’s thing.

Love this film btw, I missed its debut despite being told to go see at the Edinburgh film festival two years previously. It popped up from a twitter search for a Monday night film, and bam, I adore it. It’s about a girl who’s not really needy in the sense of being defined by a guy, more her BFF, Sophie. Frances is a free spirit but she needs her friends. I’ve always had extreme closeness with my gal pals! My girls are my best friends and we act silly and sensible in turns. I love these girls. My guy friends the same. We’re all so damn cute.

But then that comes back to finding people who can supply to your demands. I want to act stupid, and be spontaneous and optimistic, and speak sense and laugh until a little pee comes out, these are my needs for all my close friends.

Supply me dammit!


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