Red Hair!
Red Hair!
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Browny Reddish Hair!
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More hair!











We all know that I change my hair. ALOT. But this week really took me to new places.

I started off with blonde, went red and went reddish browny blonde.

I was so looked after by my lovely friends at Broughton Place Hair and Beauty and The Temple Salon. I’m a fickle beast when it comes to my hair, and hairdressers over Edinburgh are not my biggest fans as I change it a lot. One week brown, next week blonde. Yes I change my pants more.

But I met some great people on my travels, it’s always nice to have new things to read and as we all know, I adore meeting new people. While i’m usually hanging with the smelly boys it’s been nice to meet some girls, and not just any girls, but GIRLS WHO BLOG!

I found myself in the hairdresser’s chair next to fashion blogger, Faz’s Fashion Diary, look at her site, it’s awesome! (Stay tuned for a catch up with Farah later on in this blog) Another blogger, this time a beauty blogger, in my radar this week is – I love this blog, check this post on KK’s famous booty pose, and let me leave you with these words, from Rachel…

“If you can’t accept that a woman has used her sexuality to make money and become successful, then you can just get off my blog”

Ly xx (and let me know what you think of the hair!)

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  1. rachelthings Avatar

    Thank you for the mention 😀 I am loving your hair! xx

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