Cn txtin ruin a rltnshp b4 it strts?

Texting is a great way to keep in touch with people when you have no time to talk on the telephone or face to face, I, like many people am sure, have people that I only ever text outwith of face to face meetings. You soon learn who is a Texter, who’s a Caller and who’s a Face2Facer.  This works okay with your friends, as you know your friends well but in the early stages of a relationship a text can take on a whole new identity. There’s all types of texts, sweet texts, drunk texts, (I never send these obviously!), early texts, late texts, joke texts, sentimental texts, picture texts and while it’s nice to get texts that make you smile, texting has a dark side, (cue dramatic music) –  the ominous ‘taken out of context texts’, the ‘missing X’s’ texts and possibly worse, the ‘missing’ texts (cue blood curdling screams)….

What do you think he means by that?  This is a phrase that is universally recognised by girls all over the world, a text comes in, beep beep, seemingly innocent, however it explodes an array of emotions with your friend and she turns to you and says “What do you think he means by that?”.  You can sit for hours talking over the different meaning of  a simple line, “I miss your smile”, What do you think that means? My smile isn’t that great! (It turned out he did just miss her smile) but you talk it through until your friend is satisfied or another text comes and she is  happier with that. It can have no possible double meaning, it is plain and clear and simple.  Or the text with ‘missing kisses’.. Does this sound familiar? – “We normally always do three kisses, he only put one this morning, surely one kiss means he’s not as into me as he was yesterday?” or “there were no kisses on his text, just ‘See you later’, what does that mean?? ARGH!! Could it mean he just forgot? Could it mean he is not obsessive about the amount of kisses? Or maybe he is saving them to give to you in person, what a novel idea!

These little digital love notes fly backwards and forwards between a relationship and it is commonly relied on as a means of communication and reassurance that the person is thinking of you, into you and things are going well. Until, the missing text comes, or rather it does not come, creating a wild panic, Where’s my text? He normally texts me every day! He normally texts straight back, he never takes so long to text back, what has happened?? Why doesn’t he care any more?? ARGH!!! Am sure every girl with a close girlfriend has heard these lines. I certainly have and have said them myself lol. But just like the early days of a relationship when you get physical and just can’t get enough of each other,  the constant texting cannot be kept up. Otherwise where does real life fit in? If you’re constantly texting, are you ever actually working or seeing other friends? Having a life? Or are you chained to your phone?

The early days of a relationship can be fraught with ups and downs and, I think, from experience, texting adds to this.  When you like someone and want the reassurance that they like you back, constant texting is maybe not the way forward. When it is relied on as means of communication, words can be taken out of context, kisses can be forgotten and texts can arrive late. So play fair to each other, cut back on the texting and rev up the dates! Face to face you get to know each other, have fun and while it may not work out you will save a lot of time crying on your friends shoulder!!*

(*But it’s always here for you honey 🙂 x )

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