Made In Dagenham

As a child, my Dad would drive us, me and my siblings,  from South London to visit friends in Essex. We approached Essex via a flyover. As we crossed the flyover, we would always look to the right to see the amazing view that was the Ford Motor Plant. There were hundreds and thousands of cars and although we saw this many times, (they were good friends), it never ceased to amaze me. All those cars, all in one place. Dagenham.

So I have always associated Dagenham with Ford cars. Before the movie came out, when I first met my BF, at the time, and he discovered I was from London, he asked if I lived near Dagenham and I said the only thing in Dagenham was Ford Cars and that anyway it wasn’t in London it was in Essex. For some reason it became a bit of an in joke with us and you can imagine his delight when it appeared in the title of a movie. Naturally we went to see it the first night.

It’s a great movie and very inspiring, as a woman you, well maybe not you but definitely me, forget from time to time the immense struggle it has taken for women to be treated with equality. Made In Dagenham centres on the lives of the women  machinists from the Ford Dagenham Assembly Plant who fought to get equal pay and in fact brought about the Equal Pay Act 1970 and shifted things favourably for women.

It’s a great British movie, which thanks to BF (ATT), I have grown to love. The acting is brilliant and while you may know the outcome before you watch the movie, it doesn’t take away from the storyline. The fashion is brilliant and there is not one point that I didn’t feel transported back to the late 1960’s. It could have gone on forever, I wouldn’t have minded. It was well paced, well laid out and well acted.

It totally inspired me and got me thinking about these women who really put themselves on the line for what they believed in. They pushed the boundaries and refused to go with what they were told. They managed to not only change things for themselves but every woman in the UK. It reiterated to me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and refuse to give up. You set standards for yourself and refuse to let them drop. I haven’t been inspired by a film in a long time and this one has really has made me think “right Mrs, get your act together!” So needless to say, I’ve made some positive changes and I’m putting plans into place to get my books published. It all starts here.

There is another reason this film resonates with me. I watched it at a time I was requiring change I guess and you may think it’s probably really silly but this is completely on my level AND at the risk of sounding a little bit crazy, here goes. After every film I’ve ever watched since I was little, and yes I know I am still little but for the purpose of this blog I mean as a child, I’ve always read the credits. I always stay and read them as it always amazes me just how many people are involved in making a film but also for another reason. I always look to see if there was anyone in the film with my name. It’s a ‘yellow car’ kind of game I play and so far I’ve had no luck. It seems people called Karlie do not make films.  They do not act in them, produce them, do stunts for them, write them (ahem-yet!), and well it seems they do not even make the Tea!  Now I’ve played this game with friends many times and they always find their names, usually more than once, but Karlie does not feature. Well, until this film that is. I was delighted to find that there’s a Carly in the credits and yes, I know, it’s not spelt the same way, but I’m still taking it as a sign. I loved the message in the film, I loved the power of the women and I loved that there was a Carly involved in the production of it!!!!!!  So thank you Nigel Cole 🙂 a truly inspiring film for Women Everywhere, and Women Everywhere, if you haven’t seen it, please do!

Oh and You, the next time you’re in the cinema and the credits roll, check out how many people with your name are in the credits, but be warned it’s addictive!! ……. “Yellow car!”

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