Karlie MacG Likes The Social Network

I liked it!

It’s loud, fast and actually has a storyline. It seemed to be told fairly and didn’t make Mark Zuckerberg out to be a really really nice man. I liked that, mostly. If it was all hearts and flowers and he was portrayed as like a modern day Ghandi, teaching us all about how great it is to share information with each other through Social Networking and bringing about a change in the world then you’d be sceptical surely.

So well done Facebook for telling it as close as you were legally allowed to by law and all those involved!

It’s not mushy, it is what is it, it tells you how Facebook came about and doesn’t seem to lie BUT most importantly, it will make Facebook a monster!  It will elevate facebook to the next level. My advice is if you have a business and do not have a Facebook page set up, get one now! ( …and I know a good little social media co that can do that for you in Edinburgh :))

Call me skeptical, and c’mon you knew I would be a teeny bit, but it’s a very clever way to advertise something that has never had to be advertised before.  How do you reach everyone who has missed the phenomenon? How do you rank it amongst one of the greatest discoveries of our time? How do you further get everyone talking about it? How do you keep the interest in it? You take it to the movies of course! You make it into a digestable story about best friends falling out, money, power and bizarrely, Love.

While the movie is all about the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire who invented the coolest thing to hit the internet since it was invented, (or did he? – you’ll have to watch it!) it doesn’t really shout out about why it’s so successful and scare you all with its power.

The reason Facebook is so successful (and worth billions) is kind of glossed over (please tell me you know this and don’t need it spelled out for you) and fairplay, I love Facebook. It has enough privacy laws to enable you to control who sees what, where and when and I love it. everyone who know me know that! There are so many positives to Facebook, far too many to mention in this blog. I liked this movie and I will like the Twitter Movie too when that is released…. (Lol -Jk)

AND for the record, if Mark Zuckerberg wants to request me as a friend, I’d accept….. 🙂

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