2014 – Goodbyes and Good Hello’s

As 2014 takes its last breaths I’ll be sitting in an airport lounge ready to kick start my 2015, catching up with old friends in new and old spaces. So excited, but before I fast forward in time, let’s go back… 2014 has been a year of Hello’s and Goodbyes. So many more Hello’s thanContinue reading “2014 – Goodbyes and Good Hello’s”

Vintage Fashion Blog – Part One, How To Organise

  How to put together a Blog Post. Well, the vintage shoot is now over and it was a hella lot of fun. Pictures will follow soon I promise. In the mean time, I wanted to share just how we got to the point of the photos and explain, how, if you’re interested you canContinue reading “Vintage Fashion Blog – Part One, How To Organise”

You opened a can of WHAT? #Hotdoglegs, a cautionary tale.

I love a bit of craze as much as the next gal, and personally I enjoy trying to figure out if those brown baked up sausage type things are hotdogs OR legs, I mean some are just so obvious right? However, the hotdogleg rug was ripped out from my feet recently when someone said toContinue reading “You opened a can of WHAT? #Hotdoglegs, a cautionary tale.”

*Eye Roll*

Daft Punk have released the most amazing song..if you’ve been living under a box somewhere in a dark room and haven’t heard, welcome back to the world, dust yourself down and take listen. Daft Punk -Get Lucky Occasionally a song comes on and I stop in my tracks and have to listen to it onContinue reading “*Eye Roll*”

Socially Acceptable Coffee

I was chatting away to a friend this morning, we were lazily browsing and he showed me Flattr. I then tweeted out what do people think of Flattr. a twitter friend came back, it’s better than the ‘buy me a coffee on Paypal’. Both of these were new to me, I haven’t worked in socialContinue reading “Socially Acceptable Coffee”

A bluer shade of blue

Something just occurred to me. Looking at my apps, I noticed that most of my social media apps are blue. It made me wonder if the secret of success in social media lies in colour. Is it such a ridiculous thought? Isn’t it interesting that Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Foursquare are .blue? Even ourContinue reading “A bluer shade of blue”

You’ve Got Mail!

Ping! Hi Karlie, here’s your twitter recommendations for the week….. Ping! Hey hun, drinks tonight? Ping! Hi Karlie, Pinterest weekly, your weekly Pinterest recommendations… Ping! Hi Karlie, your friends have updated their status, you might be interested… Ping! Karlie, it’s mum, i’m in sainsbury’s and oven cleaner is BOGOF i’m getting you one, it’s Mum. Did youContinue reading “You’ve Got Mail!”

Giving Up Facebook For Lent…

Lent happens every year, and I’ve never participated in it before unless you count peeling a pancake off the ceiling with a spatula or feeling sick from easter egg overload and if you did, i’d worry about you to be honest. Well anyway, the idea is that you give up something that would be aContinue reading “Giving Up Facebook For Lent…”

5 Tips To Surviving Your Parents Joining Facebook.

Everyone has a Facebook profile. Boys, girls, cats, dogs, even unborn children, so it was only a matter a time before you parents got in on the fun and ruined it.  If you are to have any chance of keeping your sanity and not stalking your parents online activities more stringently than that guy youContinue reading “5 Tips To Surviving Your Parents Joining Facebook.”

Pinterest – It’s a girl’s world.

Pinterest was pointed out to me in the summer as a ‘next big thing in social for women’ I duly joined and started pinning things to my boards and repinning other’s things. I got some other girlies on board and generally procrastinated there daily, lost in a little craft world. So many pretty things, sparklyContinue reading “Pinterest – It’s a girl’s world.”

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