Vintage Fashion Blog – Part One, How To Organise


Vintage Make Up
Vintage Make Up

How to put together a Blog Post.

Well, the vintage shoot is now over and it was a hella lot of fun. Pictures will follow soon I promise. In the mean time, I wanted to share just how we got to the point of the photos and explain, how, if you’re interested you can do similar. (Can we EVER have enough How to Blogs?)

Recently my friend in New York, Emma, WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN BLOGGING FROM TIME, took the leap. Follow her adventures here. It’s cute, you learn, because boy does she know her stuff!! I’m excited for this blog!!

Just Do It.

Firstly with blogging, any blogging, don’t be shy and don’t think you can’t. There’s always going to be someone who will want to read your stuff so quit feeling like there won’t. Stop that now. I’ve blogged for people all over the world, under many guises. One thing about the internet is people like to read and, depending on your chosen demographic, they’d probably read more than they’d watch.

Plan it out.

photo 4

Secondly, you have to plan it out. Make a week by week plan of what you are going to talk about. As a lifestyle blogger, my subject range is kinda broad, I can talk about pretty much anything, although that comes with its downsides. I always say Beauty or Fashion bloggers have it sussed, there’s ALWAYS something to write about. New styles, new colours, you can follow the seasons, it’s all pretty much laid out for you. If you choose this path, consider yourself lucky.

Make it look pretty.

photo 2
We got fizz and stolen. Happy days x


Thirdly, PHOTOGRAPH THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING. Because People like to look at pretty pictures. It’s the best way to describe something and crosses all language barriers. You can’t leave out pictures, they don’t have to be of a professional quality, but they A) do need to look professional or B) at least get your point across. Chuck in a cute cat or dog for good measure.



The Idea, the People, the End Result.

So, to begin with, for this shoot, first came the idea. I have two friends who do vintage well. Emma is one of them. I love her style but have always had a strong suspicion Vintage is not for me. I mean I definitely have the figure, I just don’t have the ‘know how’ to carry it off. I don’t think you can dress vintage one day then in jeans the next. I like to mix my styles up, so,as long as there’s heels, I’m usually dancing. I was curious to see what, with the right tuition and instruction, would I look like. Now, I can be very charming, and I have found that people are always keen to help, but I think this applies to anyone, not just charming cockneys.

photo 5

Miss Dixibelle in Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, are kinda prominent on Social Media and as that’s where I am to be found, it was a natural turn of my head to look in their direction for guidance.

From the off they were happy to be involved, and the staff looked after us AMAZINGLY on shoot day, nothing was too much trouble. “Can we move this?”, “Can we shoot there?”, “Can we try this on?”. All met with enthusiasm.

Next up was finding a good photographer, someone who knew fashion and how to stage and direct a shoot. Through Farah’s fashion shoot, I met Rab who then suggested Kaz Strathmore. Kaz was immediately up for it. Sorted.

So that was it all pretty much sorted out. It’s that easy. With a stash of sass in your pocket and an idea on your hip, it’s easy to organise. Be bold, don’t be shy. Have an idea and go all the way. Make 2015 your year x


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