Pinterest – It’s a girl’s world.

Pinterest was pointed out to me in the summer as a ‘next big thing in social for women’ I duly joined and started pinning things to my boards and repinning other’s things. I got some other girlies on board and generally procrastinated there daily, lost in a little craft world. So many pretty things, sparkly things and cute things, all of them girly or so I thought.

Pinterest is an online scrap book of sorts, you are able to pin things, to your various boards, that capture your interest  on the internet. You decide on the kind of Pin Boards you’d like, they even helpfully suggest some for you. Typical pin boards range from clothes and countries, to recipes and quotes. Anything goes really, if you like it, you pin it. As a pure and simple social sharing tool it work for both sides. It’s not contrived.

I always thought it was a girls thing until it crept up on me recently that guys were using it too. I can honestly say I felt a little bit jealous that guys were pinning, guys don’t pin in social! Didn’t guys know this?  Guys share funny videos of cats puking and other guys hurtling themselves off skateboards, or share links to awesome coveted gadgets and high five each other over daily football updates. They do not pin things on a pin board.  They do not.

Until of course they do.

So what gives with this? Why are guys pinning with interest?

Is it simply because it’s fun? Or because it’s a shiny new social sharing platform? It’s not Facebook, it’s not G+ it’s not twitter, it’s not.. okay, you get the picture, it’s new, it’s different. It’s not asking anything of you, it’s just letting you share what you like. As a pure and simple social sharing platform it works. Again I reiterate, it’s not contrived, which is fast what other social sharing platforms are becoming.

I guess it is still to work out if it’s a girl thing or a guy thing but isn’t it all just SO exciting? As 2012 progresses, will Pinterest establish itself as THE new social sharing platform?  Will the new buzz word be ‘repin’ instead of the impending and enforced +1’d? I personally think, aside from blogging and gaming,  this is where social is heading. As the year moves forward and everyone catches up with what we’ve were saying  last year  (we don’t need a NEW Facebook, *cough* G+) We’d like something new and different and Pinterest pins it right down.

Happy pinning everyone 🙂

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