High Resolutions

It’s actually January 11th? I cannot believe it, where has the year gone?

I may still be a little dazed as I spent the first week in New York, and yes that is a shameless brag, in fact it’s a heart skipping, jumping up and down, still pinching myself that ‘I went there’ and wearing a ‘I went to NYC and all you got was this lousy Blog post’ T-shirt BRAG!

Wowee, what a place! Within about 10 minutes of being there I said I loved it. I always thought I would. It’s awesome, awesome place, awesome company. ( Blog to follow, that is all for now, but be warned I am going to make you SICK mwahahaha! )

So here I am back in the UK and planning out my 2012. What do I want to achieve, personally and professionally, by this time next year? To be able to move forward successfully you need to know where you came from and 2011 provided a year of discovery for me. Despite being one year older than previous years, 2011 was still very much a learning year for me. I learnt more about people, situations and life in general. They say every day is a school day, and 2011 had a few ones I had to cram for. On reflection, my year has prepared me well for this one ahead.

My dear friend, Annie, sent me her blog to read early days in 2012 and asked me to pick a word for 2012 . For her it’s to say yes to more things. My first thought was yes, yes, I say yes! I’m a typical ‘say yes’ person, always do, always have and always will. I’m in the Yes club, but on deeper reflection of 2011, my resolution word for 2012 is ‘No’.

If 2011 taught me one thing, (okay three things) It was that in 2012….

I’m giving myself the Okay to say no.

I’m being more intuition based on saying yes to things.

I’m going to be a little bit more focussed on what I want instead of pleasing others ‘because I’m a nice person’.

Does that explain why have I picked no as my word? Whatddaya mean No? Okay then, here’s why in MORE detail. In 2011 I went against my intuition on some major things, and while I believe you never trail too far off the path you are meant to be on, I would have been ahead of myself and a lot happier earlier on if I’d followed my intuition. I said yes too many times, taking on things for other people which meant I forgot about what I wanted to do several times and left myself no space to say yes to the things I actually wanted to do. Stupid really.

Finally, I learnt the hard way that you will never please everyone and trying to is plain stupidity and you should hit yourself if you do this. Fact. If you find yourself going out on a limb but unhappy, use this as a warning to back up and re camp elsewhere. Focus on you and yours and you will never find yourself wide awake at 3 in the morning wondering why things worked out the way they did or why someone did what they did. When it comes down to it, most people will pick themselves first and while you may be, or I may be, inherently good, not everyone is, so don’t be naive. (Tough talk)

Anyway that is all for now, remember, time is precious and the clock is always ticking. 2012, Hello……..

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  1. anniebeee Avatar

    I love it! I’ll take your Yes’s, you take my No’s and hopefully we’ll both find the balance we are looking for. Listening to your intuition is fantastic advice. Good luck Karlie 🙂

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      Thanks, I def have some yes’s to spare!! 😀

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