Social Karma – How’s yours?

Social Karma, like Karma, is a two way thing. While it is very easy to use social media as a platform to market yourself, your business or moan about something, if you remember to listen to what the others are saying you can create an invaluable bit of good ‘Social Karma’.

When a new business or person is trying to establish themselves online they need to rely on the people already there to help them.  Being an avid tweeter, I get the occasional tweet doing that just that, someone trying to extend their network, make a connection. Twitter is alive with this kind of thing. It happens regularly to me. A business follows me, RT’s me and tries to make a connection. It’s up to me whether I talk back, share a little of my ‘social love’. I, personally, will always talk back to people I find funny and genuine, like other tweeters I am not there to be fake or do favours.

Now, we all know I don’t hold a massive sway on twitter like Justin Beiber or Victoria Beckham, I can’t mention a face cream and have hordes of people run out and clear it off the shelves. (one day maybe, let’s see…..!) Without having too much of a song and dance about it, I do know that my recommendations hold their own and I have some good connections, offline and online. My social network has been built on what I call Social Karma and me fully utilising ‘word of mouth’ marketing. This is easy to me because I love helping people, talking and I love listening.

Recently I recommended my friend and client for a small job. She connected with the company, provided the service, and from that order, gained another. I want to add in the figures, because it’s the figures that are the sexy part of social media. Let me just say from a tweet of less than 140 characters she brought in an order to double that. It’s not a huge amount is it? But to her business it is!

Social networking works brilliantly for a small business because it starts off embedded in grass roots. Everyone recommending the business knows the person behind the business directly, until that little circle expands and it’s their friends, then friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. That’s Social Media at it’s best, real word of mouth marketing. It can prove invaluable for a new business and it’s your friends and every connection you have that can make it happen. Don’t be afraid to ask.

When I met up with my friend recently she was over the moon and thanked me for it. It doesn’t end there either. She has  moved in the right direction to establish herself within her field and grow her business.

When you are browsing your twitter feed do you see a tweet that you could help with? Can you think of a connection you have that would assist someone else? Do you know someone who has started a business and asked you to ‘like’ their facebook page, to share or RT, endorse them or recommend them on LinkedIn? These are all small things to you, but could mean a big thing to them, and hold you in their minds in the future when they may be in a position to help you.

One thing I would add is don’t pick and choose who to help. Remember Aesops fable of the Lion and the Mouse? Today you might be the Lion, but one day you might be the Mouse., keep your social karma good.

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