New York City Girl.

I landed shattered in the city that never sleeps in 2011, had a cat nap and woke up in 2012. #fail ? Almost! though after laughing our pants back on, we looked out the window and discovered some New York City magic = there was the Empire State building lighting up the city skyline!!

Despite missing out on jumping up and down with a bunch of tourists in Times Square as the ball dropped, we still got the New York City magic. It was an absolutely awesome start to the year and the start of an absolutely fantastic trip.

A trip that took me all over New York, just like Carrie Bradshaw. Not only the girl with the most coveted wardrobe but also the girl most writers, girly ones at least, aspire to be. Clip clopping your way around town in Manolo’s and white hot dresses, firing off newspaper columns on being a woman and having sex and not worrying what your mum might say if she read it, lunching with your besties and having your rich Big bf play your emotions like a finely tuned guitar. Okay, so she doesn’t have it all.

There are things Carrie has that I’m sure you and I don’t want, but the New York lifestyle? Oh yes please!

This was my first ever trip Stateside and for those of us who have only experienced the US via media, I was on a big journey of discovery.  What was the real New York like? Did everyone eat Donuts for breakfast? Did they all look like supermodels? Would I get mugged on the subway? This is the first of my discovery blog on New York, get yourself a donut and a Starbucks and read on…..

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  1. Steve Christie Avatar

    Hi Karlie,

    As someone who feel head over (non-Manolo) heels for NYC the first time I went, I can totally relate to what you wrote. I was visiting my sis who used to live in Greenwich in Connecticut and I remember walking out of Grand Central Station for the first time and looking around at the steam coming out the manhole covers, the yellow taxis and the buildings and just thought ‘yeah! Just like the movies!’

    I’ve been back three times since and totally fallen in love with the place. I also feel totally at home there, I can’t put my finger on quite why as I usually take ages to get the feel of somewhere new but with NYC, it was instant. I did everything New Yoick…bagels, cheesecake, subway, empire state, the whole lot! Oh, I’ve also been there for St Paddy’s day, holy crap was that a day out to remember (except I can’t remember most of it!) How I ended up where I did at the end of that night is a whole story on its own!

    Look forward to hearing the rest of your fairytale of New York…


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