5 Tips To Surviving Your Parents Joining Facebook.

Facebook Like Button Your Mum Likes ThisEveryone has a Facebook profile. Boys, girls, cats, dogs, even unborn children, so it was only a matter a time before you parents got in on the fun and ruined it.  If you are to have any chance of keeping your sanity and not stalking your parents online activities more stringently than that guy you like (or that girl you hate) you need to pay attention to these tips.

1) Reset your privacy levels… to high. Create a list for ALL family members so they cannot see the photos tagged of you snogging your bestie after downing 5 jagerbombs, or you flashing your boobs at the barman for more Redbull. Same with Status updates. You do not need your mum commenting on posts such as “…is still in bed. Work can gtf”, with beauties such as: “a man won’t be interested in a girl with no job, dear”, or: “LOL, last night was sic!” with: “Are you sick? You never said. Eat chicken soup with LOL”.

2) If you think you are man enough to handle their online friendship, Do not, repeat DO NOT teach them Facebook stalking. Otherwise you might find yourself set up on dates with the friends your mum deems ‘nice’. And believe me it is awkward.

3) Tell them you rarely use Facebook, everyone is on Twitter now anyway.

4) Protect your tweets and change your avatar.  When they mention they cannot find you, blame inferior search engines and WiFi speed, then change the subject.

5) If none of the above work, delete your account and set up a new profile adding an initial between your first and last name. Privately message your friends and let them know you have set up a new account. If they still manage to track you down, move to Google +, No-one will bother you there.

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