A bluer shade of blue


Something just occurred to me.

Looking at my apps, I noticed that most of my social media apps are blue.
It made me wonder if the secret of success in social media lies in colour.
Is it such a ridiculous thought?
Isn’t it interesting that Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Foursquare are .blue? Even our App Store is blue.

If this is the secret, how did Pinterest, and it’s red and white colours break through? Could it be because one if our other biggest sharing sites, You Tube, has red as a dominant colour, there’s no blue to be seen there.

Did Google+ try, and as yet fail, to follow in those footsteps? What lies ahead for other sites like the New MySpace? Should they go blue for success?
Is it colour by coincidence, or colour by purposeful design?


Published by iamkarlie

I am editor of theswagguide.com blogging on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, events and travel

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