*Eye Roll*

eye rollDaft Punk have released the most amazing song..if you’ve been living under a box somewhere in a dark room and haven’t heard, welcome back to the world, dust yourself down and take listen.

Daft Punk -Get Lucky

Occasionally a song comes on and I stop in my tracks and have to listen to it on repeat, it’s pure ear porn (or ear candy for my younger viewers, ahem) I have brief encounters with most new songs, but occasionally I have a full blown, can’t stop meeting in secret, anytime, anyplace affair with one.

I’m all ‘Get Lucky’s’ at the moment. (Still seeing The Great Gatsby on the side though, roll on May!)

It’s beautiful, I love it so much. Everyone is singing it, watching it, sharing it, it’s on full saturation mode, and I’m getting worried. Surely, (or ‘Shirley’ if you wanted to say that in an Irish accent) it’s going to peak, be over played, over watched, over shared, over sung and in a few weeks I’m going to turn the radio off if it comes on.

There’s been so many points in life I’ve felt like i’ve been in some secret select club, (sometimes for real, but I’ll tell you about that another day), the kind that only a handful of you know about. There’s always been someone in that group who’s wanted to keep things secret from others, (isn’t there always?) and part of me has liked it, I’m being honest. I like the exclusivity, the secretiveness, I’m a Pisces, of course I would.

It’s always a bore when things go mainstream. Social media puts so much under our eyes, sometimes new, sometimes shared 100 times – even by your Mum. I eye roll things I’ve seen years ago. Also part of me stays fascinated things are still going, have that shelf life and still provoke interest.

So, I try hard not to be that eye roll person. That cynic, But here I’m doing it. Damn you Daft Punk. Couldn’t you have just told ME?

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