You’re Still a Super Hot Female

It’s no secret I like Motivation quotes, I like them in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, wherever really, I ain’t fussy. A quote showed up in my twitter time line the other day, “Woman have 50 quotes sitting in their albums for when shit goes down” I immediately sent it to my friendContinue reading “You’re Still a Super Hot Female”

*Eye Roll*

Daft Punk have released the most amazing song..if you’ve been living under a box somewhere in a dark room and haven’t heard, welcome back to the world, dust yourself down and take listen. Daft Punk -Get Lucky Occasionally a song comes on and I stop in my tracks and have to listen to it onContinue reading “*Eye Roll*”

The Hey Jude Theory

Well not THE Hey Jude theory, MY Hey Jude theory. I have been toying around with this for years now, and in a moment of I don’t know what, have decided to put it here, on my blog. We all know the song Hey Jude,  and if you don’t – be ashamed. I love it.Continue reading “The Hey Jude Theory”

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