You’ve Got Mail!

This isn't how we get our mail any more! YES! YES! YES!
This isn’t how we get our mail any more! YES! YES! YES!


Hi Karlie, here’s your twitter recommendations for the week…..


Hey hun, drinks tonight?


Hi Karlie, Pinterest weekly, your weekly Pinterest recommendations…


Hi Karlie, your friends have updated their status, you might be interested…


Karlie, it’s mum, i’m in sainsbury’s and oven cleaner is BOGOF i’m getting you one, it’s Mum.

Did you hear that?

Along with twitter, it seems Pinterest is now on the bandwagon of sending you emails on activity. If all the big guns are at it, if the actual places you go online are also emailing you to come visit, it proves that email marketing is still a big player doesn’t it?

I’ve always been a believer in Email Marketing, while it may not always bring huge return, it’s a gentle nudge towards you, your business and your product. While the receiver may not exactly thank you and run towards you with open arms, it’s a great way to say;

“Hello Karlie, remember me? I’m still here! Come and say hey!”

I’ve been having a chat this week with our social media team and we’re all of the opinion that most companies expect Social Media to be all about the sales. We know it’s about planting seeds. Creating web presence, ‘just in cases’.

When the big guns start invading your inbox, you have to sit up and pay attention. Why are they doing this?

You’ve got mail!

With everyone who is anyone, including your granny, having a mobile phone, and with mobile technology being the way it is, these emails come to your mobile. You’re out having coffee? Twitter drops in to say hey. You’re at the hairdressers? Facebook waves at you. You’re queuing at the shops, Pinterest is tapping your shoulder. Is this annoying, or do we secretly love the fact we look popular? That we have mail?

With the recent departure of my dad, my Mum has a new relationship with the internet and emails. She loves it that Foxy drops in to say hey! While we are all so fabulous and busy and far too important to read a mail, lots of people are reading their emails, smiling and happy to get them.

Why do I think this works? Well, it’s human nature that we want to be wanted, remembered and spoken to. In the chaotic space that is 21st century life, everything is vying for our attention, there’s a real case of information overload, we store information and delete it as it comes. It just needs to keep coming to remind us. On the flip side when there is a lull in our activity,  surely the unflashing red light, and the blue box’s absence on screen makes us a little sad? Have companies tapped into the fact that we like to get mail? As annoying as it can be, so much of our lives are tied to mobile phones, it’s common sense to go where we are.

Because maybe, just maybe, one time, we’ll have enough time to click on that email and read it, MAYBE, just maybe we’ll click the link and we’ll smile 🙂

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