Eat Pray Love – sigh…….

Sometimes, it’s just going to happen isn’t it?

You read a book, you think “Wowee”, you love it, everyone else reads it, they also love it, word of mouth passes this book around to people all over the world, it’s spoken about at parties and on twitter, a real conversation starter and contributor, a shared smile, everyone falls in love with it a bit and then….. Hollywood gets it’s grimy paws on it and bam the book is ripped apart, dissected, and rehashed back together to resemble something that is a little bit like the book but not really at all.


To be honest my jury left on the opening lines. ”They’ (not my jury but the script writers) took a great line from the middle-ish part of the book and started with it and I wanted to cry! really honestly, right there in the cinema, holding my popcorn and my ice-cream (cookie dough FYI) My hackles were up and it took all my power to restrain myself and stay in my seat to hear it out.  They changed lots of bits in the book, and, being a writer, I know this HAS to happen but please can someone tell me why? A book editor has sat over that book for months, editing it for public pleasure, why does a screenwriter think they have the right to change it? Don’t they realise that people like the little parts of the book, they are the little bits of glue that stick into the rocks of the story and bind it all together!!

Now I am prone to get attached to things I shouldn’t, words being one of them, sentences and the images they inspire another couple and basically it really bugs me when they take a decent book and change it about. Do they seriously think the viewer will not COPE with the original? Is the biggest insult a screenwriter can receive people walking out of the cinema exclaiming, ‘Wow, that was EXACTLY like the book’ ?? Why why why??? We are having to sit through 2 parts of the last Harry Potter, YES TWO PARTS, so they can fit everything in and this one teeny tiny but entralling book is squished and squashed into 140 minutes. Me no likey.

When I saw that Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt were involved I secretly smiled and thought “wahey this will be good”, they’re both decent people and producers and Brad especially is famed for being chooooooosey about where he places his wieght and I guess Julia Roberts can be choooooooosey about the roles she plays. She’s not exactly going to turned down is she?

Certainly, I understand that conveying a womans spiritual journey on film could have been a bit difficult and new agey, but why make it smultshy (yes I invent words too) and do that ‘Coca Cola commercial’ thing that I hate. Argh!!! No-one asked for this book to made into a film, there were no public demands for it to happen, it could have been left as just a great book. There are plenty of talented indivuals out there with great ideas for new films, take them Hollywood, please, I beseech you, take THOSE new ideas and leave decent literary ideas just as they are.

I hope when my books are published and I’m offered the chance to make them into films I practice tact and exert enough power to ensure they are interpretted perfectly. I hope I will not just take the money and run. Though I do appreciate the importance of winter sun and the good life…Aww damn it…..I’m going to end up eating this blog aren’t I?? 😦

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