Last week was a funny little real-time return of the power of Social Media magic for me!

Most of us who work in this area know how exciting and thrilling it is getting the results back after weeks of pushing out a campaign. Social Media works fast ( you could even use the term ‘in real-time’ lol) and, depending how you run your campaign, the results can be instant. I liken Social Media to modern-day magic and everyone who knows me knows that I love it so much though I don’t know anyone who works in it who doesn’t love it! It’s a passion 🙂 that basically makes being a geek cool – Yay!

While I do a lot of SM for clients at work, my twitter account  @KarlieMacG is my own, it’s all me, for better or worse, :). I rarely use it to shout about Social Media as for one there are people out there who do it better than me, and two it’s nice to switch off! But this one time ( band camp..) and JUST FOR FUN – I did, and got good results too! So I just wanted to share , with you, this little story of how a salon, a woman with an active twitter account and the Brazillian Blow Dry, got on the first page of Google…..

It all started with a Tweet, from my twitter account on 17th Aug.

“Ooh Brazillian Blowdry in Edinburgh? #DianWard But does anyone but me (and @DianWard) know what it is???”

It got no @Replies!

I was a little surprised as I thought the usual people I engage with would come back with something cheeky at least. Where were my twitter friends?? Maybe they were all indulging in the Edinburgh Festival I wondered? I mean the festival this year has been amazing !! Or was it because of the ‘dodgy-ness’ of the name ‘Brazillian Blow Dry’?? (Brazillian as we know has connections to intimate waxing- but c’mon we’re all adults here, and this treatment is also called the 6 Month Blow Dry, the Brazilian connection is that it originated in Brazil) So anyway, I left it for that night and posted something else,  and then the next day, 18th Aug, still a bit miffed, I came back with…

“Disappointed in you all Twitter NONE of you know what a brazillian blowdry is! Good enough for Nicole Ritchie, good enough for MacG!! :D”

It worked!!

Everyone was back from the festival, at their desks/laptops/iphones and ready to engage- Yippee!! There followed a few cheeky tweets, tweets with links to Brazillian blowdry’s and then just general chatter about it, I retweeted some tweets and the salon @DianWard tweeted on it. the conversation flowed, there were laughs and it entertained a few of us twitterers over lunch time. The very next day, helped by the enthusiasm of the linguistic social media lovers out there, (the ones who love to listen and talk) When you search ‘Brazillian Blow Dry Edinburgh’ there on No1 page of Google  – is Dian Ward 🙂  and me! Woo hoo! and awww shucks… it was just a little experiement on my part really, could you even imagine what I could do with a little more time???….haha.. 🙂

So job done? Not just yet!! Let me take you over to Facebook for the next part of the story which doesn’t involve Google but does involve some existing client engagement and the all important ROI….

On Facebook, I updated my status in the morning that I was going to have the treatment done, friends immediately commented on it, “Ooh I’ve heard about that”, “let me know how it goes” etc..

The Salon, Dian Ward Hair and Beauty, have a lively updated fB business page where Dian posts updates on staff,  treatments, special offers and any news that she thinks clients would be interested in. Clients also use the page to engage with Dian as running three salons -she’s a  very busy lady! We had decided to photograph the whole treatment from start to finish, and the finished Photo’s would go on the Salon’s Facebook page.  The treatment went ahead and the photo’s were taken and immediately put on Facebook. The results of the treatment really are astounding and clearly visible in the pictures, something for the visual social media lovers, (the ones who love to see) and the salon got two bookings that night and more continue to come in! Friends are still writing on my wall asking about my hair 🙂

So there we have a little story of how Social Media and a whole bunch of enthusiastic people got to the first page of google (and also made some cash!). For me it’s fascinating and if you have any stories you’d like to share please do, I’m already looking forward to hearing them!

ps it’s if you’d like to book a BBD yourself! SO amazing! So worth it, hair feels fabby!! I may soon need to invest in a neck brace for all the flicking about of it I’m doing as I’ll surely get whiplash!!

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