Get him to the Greek? – Eek!

Picture the scene..

Movie Exec comes home, finds teenage son and his friends howling with laughter at at a movie, wife comes in watches a little bit, laughs too, maid comes by watches a bit, laughs, gardener sticks his head through the window, watches a bit and he laughs too, the movie executive watches a bit, he doesn’t laugh but, always thinking of the dollar, he sees everyone else laughing and hits upon an idea.

“What’s this film called?” he asks his son, “The Hangover” son answers. Movie Exec takes note.

Few days later wife is watching a Coca Cola commercial, “Aww honey, she says, ‘this is so emotive”, “don’t you mean emotional?” he says, “No honey I mean, emotive, it brings about emotions in people, makes you think a little”

ME takes note. “Hmmm….” he thinks….

Work on Monday, harassed screen writer  is pulled into see the big man, ME, swings round in his chair, “right” he says, “we need a film that is emotive but hilariously funny, gimme gags, gimme tears and ultimately, show me the money! Screen writer looks skeptic, “b…b..b..but we can’t do both..”

ME, looks sternly at the scriptwriter and says menacingly, “yes we can, and we will”

Screen writer gulps.

“We’ve still got to put that British guy Russell Brand in a film before his contract expires, so get him in to play a RockStar, get me P Diddy or Puff Daddy whoever is free, and get me some up and coming american guy, a funny one, then write me a funny AND emotive script”

Screen writer leaves, phones the wife, “I won’t be home for a few weeks” he’s says.

The result?

Get him to the Greek.

It has funny bits, I did LOL, but it confuses itself with being emotive and thought provoking. It’s actually quite weird. It should have just gone for all out funny. But it didn’t, it tried to be clever and make you think that partying 247 is not as much fun as it’s cracked up to be. When we all know it is!

Maybe there was some mission statement in it to put this message across? “Hey kids, don’t grow up and be a Rockstar, you get to party like one but you get no love, people will cheat on you left right and centre and you’re going to think you’re living the dream but you won’t be. Be a doctor. Much more fun. You’ll be tired and have no life but you’ll be saving lives. Ok? Good!”

The shame about GHTTG is that it has one of the funniest lines I’ve heard in a movie in ages: actors says to P Diddy, “You’re telling about my clothes, when you’re three zips away from Thriller!” Brilliant! Brilliant! Best line in the movie without a doubt. There just wasn’t enough of them.

The ‘funny’ American guy (Jonah Hill) wasn’t really funny, and he is a funny actor, but here he fails, or the script fails him. P Diddy? Brilliant, plays a blinder, yes please more of him. He’s one V talented guy, definitely one to watch if he decides lounging on boats on Ibiza is not fun and he wants to do more acting.

Russell Brand? Obvious choice for the role of Rockstar, but have movie execs actually missed the point of RB?

He only looks like a Rockstar, he is not, and from my knowledge, never has been one. We all know this. Please stop casting him in these roles, before he becomes the acting equivalent of Spinal Tap. He is way more clever than this, I’d like to see him as a villan, mystifying people with his long words 🙂

All said though, I did laugh, there are funny bits, but I had higher hopes for this film. I thought it could have been genius had they stayed with the funny theme, and not tried to teach some bizarre moral lesson.

Poor rip off of ‘The Hangover’ and Coca Cola Christmas commercials, most definitely not the real thing 🙁

Save your money, go see something else and just watch the trailer, it’s the funniest bit.

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