I Love Candy

The Robbie Williams song Candy has been going round and around my head these last few days, thank to Forth Radio and Boogie playing it! It’s resonating through my fingers as I drum it on the sideboard and sweetly (?) emitting from my lips, possibly in a sound only Dolphins can understand, but hey.. don’t […]

The Hey Jude Theory

Well not THE Hey Jude theory, MY Hey Jude theory. I have been toying around with this for years now, and in a moment of I don’t know what, have decided to put it here, on my blog. We all know the song Hey Jude,  and if you don’t – be ashamed. I love it. […]

How To Survive a Mini-Break-Up.

Awwww shucks… yes, at some point in our lives we’re going to arrive here and maybe check in for a few days or weeks. I’ve sometimes turned up here via a few texts, involving words I just can’t BELIEVE he would say. Words that were SO hurtful, so mean, so distressing that there was no […]

Some Things About Cars For Girls.

A few weeks ago my car broke down. At a crossing, in rush hour. I was saved by four police men, who had nicely come to fine me for stopping my car on said crossing and using my phone. Rolling down my window with full, switched on, feminine effect, fluttering eyelashes I relayed my story. The truth, […]