Girl. Football. Pies. 🙂

This is not the first blog I’ve done about football. You may remember my blog about the beautiful game during last years world cup. But, this is definitely the first blog I’ve done about football pies. You have my word. Over the next few months I’m going to visit every SPL football ground, watch the football games and try their pies. I’m excited! There are some places in Scotland I haven’t visited yet so this works on many levels. Now my experience with football has so far included selling match day programmes at White Hart Lane and Upton Park, washing a whole set of my ex boyfriends Football team kit, having a conversation about the best shin-pads to buy him, watching friends husbands, Simon Brown and David Murphy play for Hibs from the players lounge and, obviously, cheering at the World Cup. It’s not an impressive record really. I could do better and where there is a pie involved, I will.  For me, Football and pies go hand in hand. Here in Scotland, it’s always been a link I have made. A Pie and Bovril. There are even websites about it. Football does fascinate me, but for different reasons. For me, is not about the game, the score or going up and down the league tables. I’m  interested in the fans and the history of the home grounds, a place where even the pies have iconic status. I’m excited to walk into Celtic Park, Rugby park, Tynecastle, Ibrox etc feel that history seep through my bones, hear that roar of the home fans, sing the songs and of course try their pies. Recently Andy Gray and Richard Key got into a lot of trouble for saying that there was no place for girls in football. I want to be clear that I’m not jumping on the girls have a place in Football bandwagon. Personally, I think football is a bit like a Yorkie, it’s not for girls but girls do eat them. I follow the rules, but I do eat the odd Yorkie and a lot of pies. With a cook for a mum and 5 brothers, I grew up on pies. If there is a pie on the menu I always order it. If you know me well you already know that as you’ve either bought me one, made me one or watched me scoff one.  So this little blog will not be a big surprise really. For those of you who don’t know me, you may think why would you eat a pie at all 12 SPL grounds? My first retort would naturally be ‘Why not? But in all seriousness there was a bold statement made to me that Kilmarnock have the BEST pies in football, pies so good they have won awards. Of course I have to find out if they do indeed have the best pie. There could be a perfect pie out there!! This completely pushes aside my quest for the perfect man. My pie quest started at Easter Road with Hibs v Rangers, and next is Hearts v Kilmarnock  at Tynecastle and it’s going to be fun, I just know it!! May the best pie win 🙂

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  1. Ian Avatar

    Mmmmm….pies…..I would wish you luck but where pies are involved you don’t need any! happy pie hunting MacG 🙂

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      Thank you! exciting times ahead!!

  2. BAZ67 Avatar

    Best atmosphere – Celtic Park !
    Worst atmosphere – Tynecastle !!
    Best Pie – Killie Pie !!!

    Good luck x

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      Thank you!! Looking forward to walking through parkhead’s gates!! Will be singing the Willy Malley song in my head no doubt!!! x

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  4. Sam Grey Avatar
    Sam Grey


    Heard you on talksport today, sounds like a good trip and your right who doesn’t like pies?

    Thought they were idiots when interviewing you though asking you why you dont try a chicken at one ground etc. Obviously because then it wouldn’t be a fair test.

    I don’t know much about the SPL pies but know the ones from Hartlepool used to be pretty good!

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      Hartlepool eh? I’m putting that on the next list 🙂 and thanks for your comments, it needs to be a fair contest!

  5. Fiona Campbell Avatar

    I stay a stones throw from Pittodrie so when you’re up for an Aberdeen game let me know!

    Great blog by the way 🙂

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      Thank you, will def catch up 🙂

  6. Natalie Avatar

    “Football is a bit like a Yorkie, it’s not for girls but girls do eat them.” – I loved that!
    I used to be a pie seller at Tannadice and at the end of each shift there’d be an abundance of pies (mainly mince) left over which we could take home. Whats better than a match day pie? A free match day pie! My experience of other teams hospitality is severely limited. The only away game I have been to was at, when they were in the SPL, Dens Park watching the Dundee Derby!
    I’d love to do an Edinburgh Berby though

    1. karliemacbradshaw Avatar

      I think that might just be the first comment i’ve ever drooloed at! Free pies!!!! 😀

  7. Storage Leighton Buzzard Avatar

    I regularly trawl football blogs and skim over mountains of inane scriblings but this post made me sit up, read it word for word, with a smile on my face. I always love it when Stuart Hall refers to pies (the pie munchers of the People’s Republic of Wigan).

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