My Bloody Valentine*

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, a few of my friends are adopting the ‘Bah Humbug’ approach to it and not only my single friends either. It seems they’re all a bit jaded with the commercialization of Valentine’s day. Heart adorned merchandise can be found littering the shops every where you go! Sad little teddies slumped with doe eyes telling you ‘i love you this much’ or diamond rings that ‘will tell her you really care…’ It’s EVERYWHERE and some of it is even burning my ‘die-hard romantic’ eyes!

Sure, yes, it’s a day for romance, a day to pass a token to your Valentine, but WHY has it succumbed to the evil’s of commercialisation? Does anyone still do it the old-fashioned way? Or are we all swept up in being whisked off to Paris or being bought a diamond ring because,  if you don’t, it means.. you must really NOT love me! Valentines has become more a day for couples proving how much they love each other with extravagant gestures and getting completely looked over by poor singles who need a kick-start from Cupid.

When I was younger, Valentines was such a simple day. A day you could just tell someone you loved them. You simply sent them a card saying so.  Sadly, these days that’s classed as stalking 😦 But back then it was okay to get your friend to pass a card to Jason D’Angelini then hide in the park until he said whether he liked you back. (He did, lasted a week)

Now I’ve had some incredibly sweet Valentines in my time, flowers, chocs, special meals, trips away, jewellery -I haven’t expected them and I’m very aware that I’ve been a very, very lucky girl 🙂 But a particularly sweet one I remember, came from a guy I went to college with, he waited for me on Valentines Day and gave me a rose. I was embarrassed of course but it was the sweetest thing because he went out of his way. He put himself out there on the line. We never actually dated but we did become great friends, in fact he’s still my friend today. (Hello you!)

It takes guts to go out of your way and put yourself on the line for a possible rejection. But IF it pays off, surely it’s worth it? Maybe I’ve been living in some weird bubble but I haven’t heard of anyone doing this is AGES on the very day that was created for it. The thing is too, I have SO many single friends here in Edinburgh who have their eye on someone!! Me, being me, urge them to tell the object of their ardour but no, they’re too shy/scared/busy with work just now blah blah blah!! Where has the romance gone people? Do we grow out of it? Can someone tell me where it is? I don’t think it’s in a jewellery shop! **

So, please singles, guys AND girls, grow a set! If there’s someone you have your eye on, use this coming Valentines Day on Monday as a great chance to tell them, it doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, a simple card or a rose will suffice, you don’t even have to sign it!!!

Please, let’s get back to spreading the love 🙂 tell them I sent you.***

*Please accept my apologies, it was catchiest title I could think of, there was no blood spilled in the writing of this blog, though if you put ‘Where’s..’ in front of the title we could be cooking 🙂

** I don’t mean that of course lol!!

*** Please note, that will not stand up in a court of law.

**** ha ha these ones are for no other reason than I like even numbers 🙂 x

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